Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic defeats Roger Federer to win the title

Wimbledon 2019 Final Highlights: The Serbian won

Wimbledon 2019 Final Highlights: Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in what was a match for the ages, by 7-6 1-6 7-6 4-6 13-12 on Sunday to lift his fifth Wimbledon title.

The eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer and the reigning champion Novak Djokovic went toe-to-toe for around five hours in The Championships Men’s Singles final at Centre Court on Sunday. After failing to break serve, the first set went into tiebreaks which was won by Djokovic 7-5 in the tiebreak. Federer dominated the second set breaking Djokovic thrice, but the Serbian made a comeback again through tiebreaks in the third one. After another set won by Federer, the match went into the fifth set which went for nearly one-and-a-half-hours, where Novak Djokovic saved two match points in a game. He went on to win the Championship through tiebreak when the players were tied on 12-12, to win it by 7-3.

This was Novak Djokovic’s fifth Wimbledon title, winning it back-to-back. It was also his 16th Grand Slam title.

On his way to the semi-final, Federer defeated 18th seed Matteo Berrettini, 8th Kei Nishikori, and 3rd seed Rafael Nadal, while Djokovic defeated Ugo Humbert, 21st seed David Goffin, and 23rd seed Roberto Bautista Agut to reach the final.

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Wimbledon 2019 Final Highlights:

A match for the ages


Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 12-13 Djokovic

Djokovic won the first point of the tiebreak, and Federer just followed suit. By a matter of inches. Djokovic makes it 1-2, before notching up his third point. Federer has a look of stress on his face. And he is feeling it as he overhits his forehand to make it 1-4. After a brilliant rally, the Serb slips and falls as Federer makes it 2-4. And just like for the past four-and-a-half hours, Federer still doesn’t give up as he makes it 3-4. Djokovic’s forehand makes it 3-5. And another to progress to the Championship point. Djokovic is just one point away from his fifth Wimbledon title. A brief rally ensues, and Djokovic wins the Wimbledon after Federer miscues his forehand and fails to return! His fifth Championship!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 12-12 Djokovic

Djokovic bangs his racquet on the wall after losing the first point. Federer keeps his calm and gets the rest of the points in a row. Twelve all. This is madness. Once in a century event, this final. It will go into the tiebreaks.

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 11-12 Djokovic

Djokovic’s serve, and guess what? His points. No one is close to break the other person’s serve. Tiredness is showing on each other’s faces. Even the crowd. But these two players are still going on, fighting. Djokovic was on 40-0 and Federer found it within himself to reply in kind with two good shots. 40-30. And Federer does it, from being 40-0 down, he makes it deuce! What a game! Federer challenges his next forehand, and it’s just in by millimetres. The margins of this game! Federer on advantage. Djokovic serves and he brings it back to deuce. After he got his advantage, Djokovic lost it after Federer’s backhanded brilliance made it deuce for the third time. And Federer, thanks to the challenge, gains an advantage! And Djokovic’s brilliant serve and volley game makes it into the fourth deuce. No one is going down. And certainly not Djokovic, as he wins the game. The twelfth game of the fifth set!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 11-11 Djokovic

Although Federer lost the first point from his serve, he made Djokovic groan as he stretched to reach Federer’s backhand in the next serve. Then he doubles up his lead. 30-15. And again. No one is stopping here. This shouldn’t be possible for a pair of 37-year-old and 32-year-old players. Witnessing the impossible, as Federer wins his eleventh game of the set.

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 10-11 Djokovic

Djokovic is facing quite the opposition still from the 37-year-old as both of them exchange points simultaneously. 40-30. But Djokovic doesn’t let go of the leash and wraps the game up soon. Drinks break for a while now. This has been going on and on, and might even become the longest Wimbledon final beating the 2008 one. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 10-10 Djokovic

Federer serves up and wins the first point. But after a brief rally, Federer hits it just outside the line and concedes a point. Two serves, and he picks up two points. 40-15. And he wins it. Unending. Federer has won 9/10 of the Serve and Volley points compared to Djokovic’s 0/0. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 9-10 Djokovic

After getting the first point off Djokovic’s serve, Federer gets punished by the Serb’s unreturnable ace. Djokovic keeps the pace up and soon makes it 30-15. Another strong forehand, and it’s 40-15 for Djokovic. And he wins it after Federer fumbles up the serve return. When will something give? Because something’s got to give.

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 9-9 Djokovic

Federer is serving to save the title, and Djokovic picks up the first point. Federer levels it after another long rally full of backhands. Federer soon makes it 30-15., owing to Djokovic hitting the net. And again! 40-15. And due to yet another unforced error, Federer bags the game quickly. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 8-9 Djokovic

Djokovic uses his momentum and cruises through. First point, quick. Second point, and then the third point with a brilliant backhand. 40-0. Federer pulls one back after a brilliant combination of backhand and forehand. After a rally, Djokovic’s backhand jumped off the net to make it 40-30, but he soon recovered from there and won the game. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 8-8 Djokovic

Federer serves for the Championship and uses his challenge in the first serve itself. His wayward shot makes it 0-15. Djokovic is stretched towards the leftmost corner, and consequently, his forehand is over hit. Federer follows it up with an ace! 30-15. Two points away from the title. Another ace! Just a point away. One point. Federer’s serve is well returned, but the Swiss hits it too far on the right. 40-30. Djokovic is not going down without a fight, as his brilliant forehand makes it into deuce. Djokovic is on the front foot now, as he earns the advantage. And Djokovic breaks!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 8-7 Djokovic

No one can seem to break here. Both Federer and Djokovic look tired to go after it, as Djokovic on his serve bags two quick points. The number of unforced errors are also increasing. But Federer makes it 30-15. And soon after, Federer’s resilience shows as he gains a break point. 30-40. Djokovic comes near the net and Federer punishes him with a well-measured forehand to break finally! The entire crowd is on their feet! Especially his wife, Mirka. Her elation matches no one’s. Federer will be serving for the Championship!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 7-7 Djokovic

Federer serves and lands a perfect ace. He then makes it 30-0. An unforced error from Djokovic and it’s 40-0. Barring a point conceded in between, Federer lapped up the game very quickly. He holds to fifteen. Can someone find a break? Soon?

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 6-7 Djokovic

Federer lost the first point after hitting the net, but made it 15-15 off Djokovic’s second serve of the game. Djokovic soon made it his business to win the next point and with a superb smash, he made it 40-15. He guided it home from there. Four hours on and there’s still not a winner. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 6-6 Djokovic

Federer bags his first point of the game, with a majestic backhand. Fluid tennis. Djokovic gains two easy points because of Federer’s consecutive unforced errors. But, Djokovic returns the favour with an unforced error of his own. 30-30. A crosscourt forehand from the Swiss and it’s 40-30. After reaching deuce, Federer got the advantage with a calculated forehand. But with yet another rally between the two giants of the game, Djokovic restores the deuce with a smash. Federer replies with an ace, and owing to another unforced error by Djokovic, Federer wins the game. He levels it. What a match! What a final!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 5-6 Djokovic

Djokovic plays beautifully, making Federer move all around the court to get his first point. Federer lashes back to make it 15-15. After a rapturous rally, Djokovic returns a fantastic volley while being mid-air which took everyone at the Centre Court by surprise. And he makes it 40-30 soon after. And Federer’s stretched backhanded shot lands beyond the baseline. Djokovic holds.

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 5-5 Djokovic

Federer serves to save the match. After losing the first point, his tricky slow forehand makes it 15-15. Federer makes it 30-15 soon after. He knows the stakes here, and yet, he makes a mistake and hits the net. Every mistake counts at this stage. 30-30. Federer is making Djokovic work very hard now, and he makes it 40-30 playing near to the net. And he holds. And breathe. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 4-5 Djokovic

Federer wins the first point from Djokovic’s serve with an outswinging backhanded drop shot. Djokovic just stands still. Djokovic wins the next one with a powerful baseline winner. 15-15. It is an immense battle, as after taking a lead of 40-15, Djokovic is made to stretch his legs for an excellent Federer backhand. But Djokovic doesn’t make any mistake in the next serve, as he wraps up the game. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 4-4 Djokovic

Every point is an unending rally now. Djokovic wins the first, then Federer thanks to his impeccable drop shots. But Djokovic wins the next one, as the points shift from one player to another like a pendulum. Following sequence, Federer wins the next. 30-30. Federer soon wraps it up with a perfect ace. Toe-to-toe stuff. Level again.

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 3-4 Djokovic

Djokovic serves, and Federer knowing the stakes gets the first point. It’s do-or-die for the Swiss. After a brief rally, Federer nets it to make it 15-15. But Djokovic also hits the net, putting a smile on Federer’s fans’ faces. The Swiss tries quite hard but his overhit forehand makes it 30-30. The pressure gets to Djokovic as he commits a double fault in the fifth set of the final of all places. 30-40. Another unforced error and it’s a deuce. The atmosphere’s quite tense at the Centre Court. After a long rally, Federer’s forehand gives him the advantage. And Federer breaks owing to a Djokovic unforced error! What a game! What a match this is!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 2-4 Djokovic

Federer starts off poorly, giving away an easy point to Djokovic. He follows it up with an unforced error. 0-30. But he puts his hand on the wheel, and takes back control after making Djokovic run around in the Centre Court. 15-30. But the untiring Serb fights back and gets two break points. He loses one after hitting the net with a weak forehand. And Djokovic breaks! Crucial, crucial game this for the 32-year-old Serbian!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 2-3 Djokovic

Djokovic serves three times. He wins three straight points. This match is right up there with the best. Magnificent stuff from two world-class tennis players. Federer’s wife has her head in her hands, but her husband wins back a point. Then another. And another to make it deuce. Incredible stuff. Federer is looking to break it just like Djokovic did in the last game. But a bad return hands Djokovic the advantage. A net, and Djokovic holds. Pretty close margins in this final set. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 2-2 Djokovic

Federer starts weakly giving away a point, but soon makes it 15-15. But after a couple of rallies, Djokovic edges ahead to make it 15-40. Two break points for him. The Serb shoots too far and makes it 30-40, and Federer’s arching forehand makes it deuce. Djokovic should be banging his head on a wall. Djokovic loses his advantage to an unstoppable ace from Federer. Second deuce. Two successive points, and Federer saves grace. Djokovic knows that he has missed a golden opportunity. 

Stat attack

Novak Djokovic hasn’t lost a five-setter at Wimbledon since 2006. Mario Ancic was the last player to do so. Can Federer do it?

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 1-2 Djokovic

After winning the first point, Federer loses not one but two consecutive points to his opponent. Djokovic is making sure that he doesn’t let the Swiss break his serve like he has already done five times in the match. But Federer makes it 30-30 owing to a Djokovic slip. A miscalculated backhanded return and it’s 40-30, but the eight-time-winner’s backhand came to the rescue in the next serve. Deuce. In the face of a potential comeback, Djokovic unleashes an ace and then an unreturnable serve. He wins the game. 

More surprises to come?

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 1-1 Djokovic

Federer unleashes his storm on his serve. Picks up two straight points and then the third with a perfect ace. But Djokovic’s crosscourt backhand proves to be deadly for the Swiss. 40-15. Net and 40-30. But that’s not enough to stop Federer from winning the game. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) (6-4) 0-1 Djokovic

Djokovic serves and wins the first point of the fifth set. Djokovic looks hyped as he looks light on his feet as he makes it 30-0 with a forehand. Federer pulls one point back, but his forehanded drop shot fails to cross over the net. 40-15. Djokovic bags the first game. So far, the Serb’s won 123 points compared to the Swiss’ 135 points. 

Someone’s caught between two stools!

What a final this is shaping up to be!

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 6-4 Djokovic

Federer takes a drinks break before he again serves for the set. He wins the first point with a deft backhand, and then another. 30-0. Djokovic plays a wayward return and makes it 40-0. And Federer levels it with a brilliant forehand! Onto the fifth set now. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 5-4 Djokovic

Djokovic serves and makes it 15-0. And he carries on with the momentum gathered from the last game and holds his serve for fifteen. Can Djokovic make a comeback?

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 5-3 Djokovic

Federer serves for the set, and he picks up the first point after Djokovic fails to return the serve. It’s 30-15 after Djokovic loosely plays a backhand to the net. The Serb looks quite disappointed in himself. He makes it 40-30 afterwards. Then after a 35 shot rally, Federer’s backhand does the trick to make it into deuce. Djokovic gets the advantage and his second break point in the entire match. And Djokovic breaks! Twist in the tale?

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 5-2 Djokovic

Djokovic serves, and wins the first point. Federer wins the next one with a brilliant backhanded return to the serve. Djokovic then replies with an ace. Federer takes the next point with a brilliant volleyed backhand. This is almost like a metronome, one way and the other. And Federer gets a break point after Djokovic fails to return the Swiss’ forehand. And Federer breaks again! What a set this has been for him. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 4-2 Djokovic

Federer serves, and begins quick and fast and with a fascinating forehand drop shot he makes it 40-0.  He holds to love. Brilliant way to back the break. 

A view of the unbelievable final

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 3-2 Djokovic

Federer slaughters Djokovic in the first serve of the game itself with a marvellous forehand, but the Serb jumps back up on his feet and makes it 15-15. Federer soon gets two break points, imposing his dominance over the Serb on grass. Djokovic serves and his return to Federer is way outside the court. The crowd erupts as Federer breaks again! He is the first to break in the fourth set. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 2-2 Djokovic

Federer is not sweating one bit, just like he doesn’t age. He gets the first point, then the second with an unstoppable ace. He is certainly not keen on being on the backfoot, as he turns the tables in this game pushing Djokovic further back. But after three continuous crosscourt backhands, Federer loses the point to a brilliant return by Djokovic. The Serb makes it deuce soon after.But just like the script says, Djokovic fails to break Federer yet again. 

Federer (6-7) (6-1) (6-7) 2-2 Djokovic

Federer is not sweating one bit, just like he doesn’t age. He gets the first point, then the second with an unstoppable ace. He is certainly not keen on being on the backfoot, as he turns the tables in this game pushing Djokovic further back. But after three continuous crosscourt backhands, Federer loses the point to a brilliant return by Djokovic. The Serb makes it deuce soon after.But just like the script says, Djokovic fails to break Federer yet again. 

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