Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup 2018: Ihsanullah, Asghar skip in discerning succession

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Live Cricket Score Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup 2018: Ihsanullah Janat in action

Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup Live Score: 

Live Cricket Score, Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup 2018, Match 3: Hello and acquire to a live coverage of a third compare of a Asia Coup 2018 between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka during Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. Afghanistan captain Asghar Afghan won a toss and chose to bat in their initial compare during the Asia Cup in Abu Dhabi. Five-time winners Sri Lanka will demeanour to make a quip after pang a startle 137-run better opposite Bangladesh in a opening compare of a Asia Cup 2018 in Dubai. The Angelo Mathews-led side will now face Afghanistan, who will demeanour to take on a large boys of Asia and press for story in a contest they have played usually once before. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka are sanctified with a genuine mix of immature starlets and long-serving players and sum with a lapse of mythological paceman Lasith Malinga, they competence enter this year’s Asia Cup debate sensitively confident. Stay tuned for live action. (LIVE SCORECARD) (LIVE STREAMING)


19.02 IST: FOUR! Lovely shot! Crisp and a boundary! On a pads, Shah won’t skip out there, he clips it by mid-wicket and a round races away.

19.00 IST: Dushmantha Chameera is behind on.

18.57 IST: FOUR! Poor round and put away! Very brief and outward off, Rahmat goes behind and slaps it by covers. No fielder in a low and a range results.

18.53 IST: Hashmatullah Shahidi walks out to bat.

18.52 IST: OUT! Jayasuriya removes Asghar Afghan for 1. Huge, outrageous blow for Afghanistan! Their skipper departs though discouraging a scorers a lot. Two discerning wickets for Sri Lanka and they are now right behind into this. Good change in gait there by Jayasuria, he fires it on middle, Afghan tries to work it on a leg side though he misses, maybe due to a gait of a delivery. It hits him on a pads, a players interest and a referee raises his finger. Asghar starts walking straightaway as he knows he is a passed duck. Afghanistan 110/3 in 26 overs vs Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi.

18.50 IST: The Sri Lankans have left for a review. The batsman in doubt is Ihsanullah. Looked parsimonious to a exposed eye. But pitching outward leg competence only save him.

18.48 IST: The Afghanistan skipper, Asghar Afghan walks into a middle. Can he come adult with a captani’s innings?

18.47 ISTOUT! Dananjaya removes Ihsanullah for 45. That is how we use a DRS system, good finished Sri Lanka. That looked tighten though a batsman had some hope, however, he has to skip now. Dhananjaya tosses this one adult on a center branch line. Insanullah goes for a sweep, though goes right opposite a line and opposite a turn. That’s too most risk taken on a singular round and that formula in a batsman misses a round and is struck in front of middle. The Sri Lanka group is adult and shouting, they are certain they have got their scalp though a referee disappoints them. Mathews discusses with his infantry and they confirm to go upstairs. May be a tactical examination this one as 24 overs have been bowled and it is a large wicket of a good set opener. The second Afghan wicket goes down though a doubt is will they fall or continue surpassing towards a rival total. Afghanistan 107/2 in 24.4 overs vs Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi.

18.36 IST: The magician, Akila Dhananjaya, comes behind into a attack.

18.25 IST: FOUR! A beauty of a shot! A stately lift for four. Perera bangs this one to get it high upto a batsman’s chest. Insanullah swivels and pulls is with a clever bottom hand. The energy is so good on that shot that a fielder during low block leg had a tiny stretch to cover to his left though can't cut off a racing ball. AFG 91/1 in 18.5 overs.

18.23 IST: FOUR! A range from a impulse he strike it. Some unequivocally good charge from Afghanistan. Looks like Ihsanullah is good set now, is examination a round like a basket round and his side will dearly wish him to be there in a center as prolonged as possible.

18.22 IST: Dhananjaya de Silva to Rahmat Shah, 2 runs. de Silva fires this one on a legs of Shah, a batsman flicks it divided with a wristy shot into a block leg region. The batsmen have picked adult a prop to finish a over.

18.10 IST: Dhananjaya de Silva to Ihsanullah, 1 run. A really full round around off, driven towards a mid-off segment to finish a over with a fourth singular in a over. AFG 75/1 in 16 overs.

18.04 IST: Thisara Perera comes behind into a attack.

17.56 IST: EDGED BUT RUNS! Akila Dananjaya to Rahmat Shah, 3 runs. Rahmat Shah Dropped? technically yes, though it would have been a stunner. A possibility of a second wicket in a over is left abegging. The wizard tosses this on adult around off. Shah waits behind and goes for a expostulate by covers. The round lands and turns divided marginally to take a outward corner and a bulb flies past a right of diving Angelo Mathews during initial slip. He attempted good there though only could not strech to a ball. AFG 60/1 in 12 overs.

17.53 IST: OUT! Dananjaya removes Mohammad Shahzad for 34. After a good start by a Afghanistani opening pair, it’s Dananjaya’s sorcery with his fingers that has finished Shahzad in here. The machiavellian spinner tosses this around off. Shahzad sees a round is a bit brief of full length, goes behind looking to punch it by covers. It’s a carrom ball, spin in ever so somewhat and beats Shahzad who gets rapped passed in front. First blood for Sri Lanka and they will demeanour to collect a integrate some-more shortly to supplement to a pressure. Afghanistan 57/1 in 11.4 overs vs Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi.

17.51 IST: SIX! Super sixer by Shahzad. This is like a aggressive opener we have seen so most of in a past. Shahzad dances down a lane as shortly as a round leaves Dananjaya’s hand. Does not get totally to a representation of this tossed adult round only outward off. He goes by with a swing, connects distinctively for a round to fly over a prolonged off range for a heartless maximum.

17.49 IST: 50 adult for Afghanistan! Dushmantha Chameera to Mohammad Shahzad, 1 run. A good length round on off and angling into Shahzad. The batsman tries to pull during it and gets an inside corner and a round hits him on a pads. They collect adult a single.

17.40 IST: FOUR! That’s a winning shot from Shahzad. A bit radical though really effective. And that is what matters in a end. Perera goes for a warn brief round though Shehzad is warning adequate as he pulls this one really Shahzadesque over a mid-wicket region. The fielder during a block leg blockade tries to run opposite and stop though can't and Afghanistan get a boundary.

17.38 IST: Akila Dananjaya to Mohammad Shahzad, 1 run. Again, Shahzad looks to go large with a toil sweep. He does not bond scrupulously and a round goes towards low mid-wicket for a run. So not a lot of squeeze for Akila in his first. The pacers also did not accept a lot of assistance from a surface, seems to be a belter.

17.36 IST: Spinner introduced early! Akila Dananjaya is into a attack.

17.32 IST: FOUR! A super cover drive. So so good to a eyes. Perera gives a bit of breadth on this one and Ihsanullah cashes in. He leans brazen and drives by covers to move adult a pleasing range that takes him on 14.

17.30 IST: Thisara Perrera is a initial change bowler.

17.24 IST: FOUR! Janat joins a party. Malinga dishes this on a length a bit outward off, Ihsanullah plays it with an pointed bat and guides it to third man. The timing and chain is so good that a round races to a range in a jiffy.

17.22 IST: FOUR! IT’S A FEARLESS START! Clever, Cheeky and Skillful. Malinga changes his length totally and bangs this one brief outward off. Shahzad, primarily looking to lean behind is examination a round invariably and during a final impulse decides to lift his bat for a round to lick a bat face and fly over a slips region. The fielder during third male tries tough to run, dive and take a formidable possibility though he misses a round totally as it rolls opposite a boundary.  AFG 23/0 in 4.4 overs.

17.17 IST: FOUR! Cracking shot! The best so far. Chameera keeps it fuller and a bit far-reaching of off. Shahzad, with pinnacle flamboyance, goes down on one knee and plays a outstanding lofted additional cover expostulate for a scintillating boundary.

17.15 IST: FOUR! Malinga strays again though this time Ihsanullah flicks it nonchalantly over a mid-wicket segment for a grand boundary. Super shot, a certainty boosting one.  AFG 11/0 in 3 overs.

17.07 IST: Dushmantha Chameera will play from a other finish with a second new ball.

17.06 IST: Lasith Malinga to Mohammad Shahzad, no run. Fuller round on a stumps, it is driven to midst off.

17.02 IST: FOUR! Shahzad starts in style. They contend if we wish to slash, afterwards condense hard. This is exacly what Shehzad has finished here. Malings dishes this length round a bit far-reaching of off. Shezad goes after it and slashes during it. The round takes a outdoor half of a bat and goes over a gully segment towards a third male segment and opposite a range to move adult a initial range for Afghanistan. Brave cricket there from Shehzad as he takes Malinga on true away.

17.00 IST: We are finished and dusted with a particular inhabitant anthems. The umpires and a Sri Lankan players make their approach out. The Afghanistan opening span of Mohammad Shahzad and Ihsanullah walk out to a center with a former holding strike. Malinga will start a record for Sri Lanka.

16.40 IST: Captain’s Speak

Angelo Mathews: we was going to have a bat initial as well. Looks a good pitch, decent covering of weed and should reason on well. Looks good to bat though we can't win all a tosses. (On being in a must-win scenario) The some-more we think, some-more vigour we will put yourself under. Crucial to go out there and have some fun. He (Malinga) was superb final diversion and hopefully he can minister to a winning means today. Three changes due to a conditions. Akila comes behind in, as does Shehan Jayasuriya and Dushmantha Chameera. Aponso and Dilruwan skip out along with Suranga.

Asghar Afghan: We will bat first, wish to put runs on a house and afterwards urge it with a bowling. Seems like too most weed though we are used to personification in these conditions. We know a conditions well. We have one seamer, one all-rounder and 3 spinners detached from one part-time spinner.

16.30 IST: TOSS! Afghanistan win toss, opt to bat opposite Sri Lanka

16.00 IST: Hello and acquire to a Live Coverage of Match 3 of a Asia Cup 2018 between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan Sheikh Zayed Stadium during Abu Dhabi.

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