The treasurer who typifies football’s unsung heroes

Football’s biggest stars are in a spotlight a universe over. Everybody knows their names, their faces and their behind stories.

Behind a scenes, however, are millions of trainers, backroom staff and helpers right opposite a universe who make certain that football is a many renouned competition in a universe and that large people can indulge in their favourite pastime. They manager teams for small or no money, rinse jerseys, arbitrate matches, and organize their clubs and tie lists.

One of these unsung heroes of a pleasing diversion is Susan Konig, who is an critical member of a set-up during Karbener SV (KSV), a football bar quite for girl teams nearby Frankfurt in a west of Germany. Her son Tom began personification there when he was 10 years old, and her beloved during a time Thorsten Don, whom she has recently left on to marry, motionless to assistance out coaching a youngsters.

“The prior tutor was some-more meddlesome in his partner than a team, so Thorsten was given a event to take over,” says Susan with a grin after had left to accommodate her during a club’s ground. A few years later, a bar was looking for a new treasurer, and Konig it was who took over.

Karbener SV

  • Hessen joining winners 2000 (fourth division)
  • Solely concentrating on girl football given 2015
  • 15 teams opposite all age groups
  • Mix of rival and accessible teams
  • Regular matches opposite girl teams from Bundesliga clubs
  • Home to a DFB camp

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