The advantages of being on Patri’s side

As a “Dare To Shine” Player of a Match done her approach to a sauce room afterwards, we held adult with some of her team-mates and her manager and asked them what it means to have a actor like Guijarro in a Spain side.

Pedro Lopez, coach
The Rojita manager could hardly disguise his pleasure during a post-match press conference. “She’s critical to us, and not only given of what she has to offer on a pitch. She’s a large impression in a group and that rubs off on a rest when we’re not playing. She’s a personality on a representation and off it and she does a really critical job.”

Aitana Bonmati, group captain
Bonmati supposing a support for Guijarro’s third idea opposite Paraguay. Team-mates for bar and country, they have famous any other given their U-16 days and have played together several times for a comparison inhabitant team. As Bonmati explained, Guijarro helps move a patrol together. “She’s always enormous jokes or clowning around. That’s a approach she is,” pronounced a skipper with a smile. Hailing Guijarro’s flexibility on a pitch, Bonmati added: “When she plays a holding role, she brings a lot of change to a team, though as we’ve seen today, she can also play a some-more modernized role. She can make runs into a box and she’s got a good shot on her.”

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