Quintero aiming to finish year on a high

“The expectations are high,” Quintero pronounced in an disdainful talk with “We’re nearing on a behind of a good opening in a Copa Libertadores and now we have a possibility to face a champions of a other continents. We wish to do good and we’re prepared for a competition.”

The Colombian midfielder’s trickery, absolute shot and enchanting left foot meant he has turn something of a game-changer. “Juanfer is one of a players we have who can make a difference,” pronounced Lucas Pratto, echoing a sentiments of conduct manager Marcelo Gallardo, who described him as “someone who can open adult a game”.

“Gallardo has had a lot of change on a approach we play,” a Antioquia local said. “He’s a chairman who final a lot from we and he creates things occur naturally, as a outcome of tough work and loyalty each day. To be honest, he’s someone I’ve schooled a lot from. He’s got a best out of me this final year in terms of my earthy aptness and footballing ability. I’m really beholden to him.”

Quintero laughs when he admits his manager still final some-more from him, penetrating for a assailant to entirely feat his gifts.

“He’s one of a many gifted players we have,” Gallardo told Argentinian media. “Sometimes we get undone that he doesn’t do all that potential. You have to beam a players since we wish their healthy talent to come to a front in pivotal moments, so that they don’t go unnoticed, that they take responsibility.”

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