Lewandowski: Pressure? There’s always been pressure

How can Poland’s UEFA EURO 2016 experience, where we reached a quarter-finals, assistance we in Russia?
The World Cup is of march a many critical football tournament, one step aloft than a EURO, though those finals were unequivocally changed knowledge for us as we got to know a atmosphere of a large tournament. We have been ‘inside’ it, we know what it’s like – that should assistance us. But of course, a many critical place is a pitch. If we wish to grasp something here, we contingency play even improved than we did in France.

Is there any disproportion between your personal preparations and feelings brazen of EURO 2016 and Russia 2018?
I do consider my final deteriorate was utterly opposite from a one before a 2016 finals. we played reduction games [in 2017/18], that means I’m reduction tired. we wish this mutation will uncover during a World Cup. Furthermore, this time a preparations have been ‘personalised’, catered to what an particular actor needs.

Poland start a World Cup opposite Senegal. What are their clever points?
They are unequivocally good on counter-attacks – when they attack, they do it unequivocally quickly. They don’t rubbish time when they have a ball. They try to get brazen and glow off shots as fast as possible. They are a unequivocally dangerous team.

You scored 3 goals in Poland’s final dual friendlies, opposite Chile and Lithuania. Does this meant Lewandowski is on fire?
We will see. Friendlies aren’t too important. The critical impulse is entrance now. we wish my craving for goals to be even bigger and bigger. And of march we wish some-more goals will come on a biggest theatre – a World Cup.

A Pole has already won a Golden Boot during a World Cup – Grzegorz Lato in 1974. Is it one of your dreams to do a same?
I try to be picturesque here. We know, as a group – and we are scheming ourselves for this – that we will be firmly noted by defenders, like we was during France 2016. So we am not certain how many good opportunities we will have. But when we am doubled adult on, fouled etc., it frees adult space for my team-mates and we’d like to take advantage of this. If another actor scores for us, that’s great. It doesn’t have to be me.

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