Lagerback: Guardiola has a special form of leadership

How critical do we consider ego is as a conduct coach? Is it a purpose that final that kind of clever courage and unaccompanied instruction of thought?
You should never blink care given we need to get a players on board. What I’ve schooled by a years is, if we put brazen a doubt like ‘Why do we win football matches?’ and can answer that as a manager and get a players to know that, it means we will have encouraged players. we try to get them to know because a approach we are working, training and personification means we are winning football games. If they do, they get motivated. That helps to get a right attitude.

You had such a good finish to 2018, though we contingency have had a bit of a devious grin when we detected you’d be starting 2019 opposite Spain and Sweden.
Yeah, it wasn’t a easiest dual opening games, we can contend that! In a way, starting opposite Spain divided could be good. No one expects us to get a indicate there, though with a tough diversion and usually dual days in between like it is now, it’s tough from a football indicate of view. Then, being a Swede, meaningful a coaches in Sweden unequivocally good and also a lot of a players, it’s a small bit special. On a football side it’s engaging and should be a unequivocally parsimonious game, though on a personal turn I’d have elite to play a opposite group to Sweden.

While we met final year, and a integrate of times with Iceland, this will be your initial rival diversion opposite Sweden. How many will that change a knowledge for you?
I’ve usually ever played them in friendlies before and while as a manager we try to get a players to be 100 per cent critical for a friendly, it’s a small bit opposite to personification rival games. There’s also a lot some-more bitch around it, involving media and everything, so it will be totally different. I’m looking brazen to it from a football indicate of perspective and of march we wish we win, even if I’d rather win opposite a opposite side.

How would we report a beside adversary between Norway and Sweden?
It is there, though funnily adequate I’ve found it’s bigger if we go to a standard Nordic sports – skiing and things like that. It’s a very, unequivocally prolonged time given Norway and Sweden played a rival diversion [editor’s note: in a span of 1978 World Cup qualifiers], so this is substantially a small bit new, even for me. we consider Sweden always looked on Norway, when it came to football, as kind of a small brother, so we consider we unequivocally wish to uncover Sweden we can be improved than them and take 3 points.

In this initial diversion you’ll be confronting Luis Enrique, who is one of a subsequent era of tip coaches. Is there any we quite admire?
What Enrique has finished during bar turn – and carrying had mostly good formula with Spain – he is positively one. The manager we have a many honour for whom I’ve met is Pep Guardiola. That’s unequivocally a manager who has a special form of leadership. He unequivocally wants to organize and pull a group in each diversion they play. I’ve also seen him manager a group and we unequivocally have a lot of honour for him.

Is that power and perfectionism that he embodies a thoughtfulness of where football is going in general, or is it quite his particular personality?
There’s not that many coaches we can see [like him]. You unequivocally have to have a clever impression to work in that approach that Pep has finished in his clubs. Even if they have a best players, we still have to organize them, we have to pull them to perform week in, week out. These days we don’t consider it’s so easy as a manager with well-paid players changing clubs all a time. So, we consider Pep is a small bit singular in that way. But if we demeanour during [Jurgen] Klopp, for instance, a approach his group is playing, we consider he’s positively identical – notwithstanding carrying never seen him work. we consider a best teams need coaches like this, who unequivocally pull a team, doing all a things inside a bar – and a pressure.

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