Colombia’s Tiempo de Juego earns FIFA Fan Movement admiration

More than meets a eye

Tiempo de Juego, that means “game time” in Spanish, came into being in a disadvantaged district of Cazuca, Bogota, where it has a conduct office. And it was there that a organisation from a Colombia FIFA Fan Movement headed on Saturday 17 Mar to compensate a substructure a visit.

Among them was Jennifer Paredy, a 33-year-old business manager from Barranquilla. “I used to consider it was only a football academy where bad children from a neighbourhoods where a substructure operates enrolled to get divided from assault and other problems,” she told “But I’ve seen for myself that it’s most some-more than that.”

She added: “Andres Wiesner was there to acquire us in chairman and he told us that yet it all started with a ball, it has grown and developed given then. Today, a foundation’s programmes extend to other sports, and to artistic activities and audiovisual media. And it doesn’t only get a children in any village involved, though relatives and grandparents too.”

Jennifer, who shaped partial of a concentration organisation invited by FIFA to Zurich in 2016 and assimilated a Fan Movement on a origination final year, pronounced she was tender by a foundation’s ability to turn self-sustainable notwithstanding a miss of simple resources.

“They gave us a break in a bakery called La Jugada, that non-stop in response to a need to yield boys and girls personification football with snacks,” she said. “It now employs people from a community and sells a products elsewhere. The same thing happened with a kits. They didn’t have any and it was a mothers and grandmothers who got sewing. Now they sell them to other organisations.”

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