FIFA World Cup 2018: Romelu Lukaku strikes twice as Belgium hurl past Panama 3-0

Romelu Lukaku of Belgium celebrates a victory


Dries Mertens’ ideally struck bombardment finally non-stop adult Panama and authorised Romelu Lukaku to take full advantage. Lukaku scored dual goals in a six-minute camber in a second half as Belgium warranted a 3-0 feat over Panama in their FIFA World Cup 2018 opener on Monday. (FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 SCHEDULE RESULTS)

Saddled with large expectations and a lineup of talent a enviousness of other teams in a tournament, Belgium finally showed flashes of being a widespread organisation estimable of pretension consideration.

The dual goals from Lukaku came shortly after Mertens scored from about 18 yards in a opening moments of a second half, finally relieving some vigour after Belgium was incompetent to mangle down Panama for a initial 45 minutes.

Lukaku’s initial idea came 20 mins later, though a pass from Kevin De Bruyne done it possible. Rather than sharpened by a throng of Panama defenders, De Bruyne cut a pass with a outward of his right feet onto Lukaku’s conduct and into a net.

Lukaku combined a second on a breakaway mins later, chipping Panama goalkeeper Jaime Penedo as he left his net.

Belgium are now dominant in their final 6 World Cup openers, dating behind to 1986.

Panama were incompetent to transcribe what Senegal achieved in 2002 as a final organisation to win in their World Cup debut. The Central Americans played their character — physical, aggressive, infrequently looking some-more like wrestling than soccer — and managed to hang with a Red Devils for some-more than an hour. But they never combined melancholy scoring chances — Panama scored usually 9 goals in 10 World Cup subordinate matches — and eventually Belgium finished their opportunities.

The tension was complicated for a Panamanians who flocked to a Black Sea review city to see a nation play their initial World Cup match. Fans cried during conference their inhabitant anthem and a players on a margin fought their possess emotions while singing. Their voices rose with each Panama conflict and a singing and dancing roughly never stopped. Panama’s players stayed on a margin to salute a fans several mins after a compare ended.

Luminaries like Panama President Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez and ball star Mariano Rivera were in attendance. They would have only elite something a small reduction severe than one of a pre-tournament favorites.


Even if it wasn’t flattering for a half, Belgium did what they were ostensible to do in Group G. The feat keeps a organisation on lane for a final organisation compare opposite England, that is expected to establish a tip spot.

Panama need a outcome opposite England if they want any event of a final organisation diversion opposite Tunisia to have meaning.


Belgium were finally means to finish their chances after saying several attempts in a initial half finish adult in a side concealment or punched divided by Penedo.

Panama’s invulnerability was miserly though also random during times and became even some-more receptive after Mertens’ idea forced Panama to pull brazen looking for an equalizer.

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