FIFA World Cup 2018: Late header from Harry Kane gives England 2-1 win over Tunisia

England captain Harry Kane celebrates after scoring his goal.


Twice wrestled to a belligerent during a match, England captain Harry Kane finally evaded a Tunisian invulnerability usually as time was using out.

Kane found an open area of space during a distant post and used his conduct to accommodate Harry Maguire’s flick-on, scoring a winning idea Monday in a 2-1 feat during a World Cup.

It was service for Kane and Gareth Southgate, who leapt into a atmosphere in pleasure as his World Cup entrance as a manager got off to a winning start.

“The best teams in a universe keep that faith in what they’re doing,” Southgate said, “and in a finish they mangle a antithesis down.”

England shouldn’t have found it so tough in a Group G opener opposite such opposition. Not after Kane got England off to a ideal start with an 11th-minute daub in. But after Kyle Walker gently conceded a chastisement that Ferjani Sassi converted in a 35th, many of a fouls went opposite England.

“Maybe there was a bit of probity during a end,” Kane said.

Finally, Kane showcased on a general theatre a rapacious instinct in front of idea that has served Tottenham so well. Only dual years ago, a striker unsuccessful to find a net during a 2016 European Championship, that finished in chagrin with a detriment to Iceland in a final 16.

The organisation has been remade by Southgate given then. For all a quietude and togetherness within a group, Southgate has combined diligence and doggedness.

“It shows a work we have put in these final few weeks,” Walker said. “Togetherness and desiring in ourselves.”

At a final World Cup, England couldn’t even win a game. Low expectations for this year’s overhauled organisation were dispelled early in Russia when Kane reacted fast to measure after John Stones’ header was saved. But England struggled to finish it off.

When Walker’s flailing arm held Fakhreddine Ben Youssef, a chastisement was awarded and Sassi slotted it in to equalize.

England’s players after suspicion they deserved a same outcome when Kane was grappled to a belligerent twice by Tunisians on possibly side of a halftime break. Both times, a arbitrate motionless opposite punishing a culprits.

Despite it all, Kane remained studious and delivered in a initial notation of blocking time.

“You go until a final second,” Kane said, “and I’m positively buzzing.”


England seemed unfailing for a informed hard-luck story – dominance with small to uncover for it.

Before Kane’s opener, Jesse Lingard had a shot saved on a line before environment adult Raheem Sterling, who fluffed his possibility while staring during an defenceless partial of a net.

Chances to recover a advantage were squandered. When Dele Alli’s header was incited onto a crossbar, Stones messed adult a follow-up.

Lingard after strike a post after violation past goalkeeper Farouk Ben Mustapha.

“The appreciative thing was a movement, a pace, a interchange,” Southgate said. “The control from a behind with a ball.”


However tough it was to mangle through, a English conflict achieved a many shots on aim in a initial half during a World Cup given 1966 – the usually time a organisation won a trophy.

For Kane, wearing a captain’s armband is usually creation him some-more prolific. He now has 8 goals in 6 games as captain.


Tunisia was forced into an early goalkeeping change.

Mouez Hassen was held by Lingard in a fifth notation yet remained on a margin and even pulled off a excellent save – clawing divided Stones’ header from Ashley Young’s dilemma – before Kane scored.

Hassen, though, was forced off in a 15th and transposed by Ben Mustapha.


England and Belgium are a early front-runners as expected. But while England upheld a sterner test, Belgium had a many gentle start in a 3-0 feat over Panama.

England will wish a World Cup newcomers hurl over as simply when they accommodate on Sunday.


The late priority in a warm-up for England was wanting insect repellent. Mosquitoes and small bugs have been brisk opposite a city, formulating an distrurbance for players.

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