Moeen facing Lyon: nine innings, seven wickets

Nathan Lyon has has a high-flying series against Moeen Ali © Getty Images

Like many a visiting offspinner, Moeen Ali has had a miserable tour of Australia with the ball; but his series was made to look worse by the success his offspinning counterpart Nathan Lyon has had. Furthermore, Moeen has struggled woefully with the bat against Lyon – falling a record-equalling seven times to Lyon this Ashes, from just nine innings. Here’s how our ball-by-ball commentators recorded those seven dismissals.

Brisbane Test

First innings: lbw b Lyon 38, double breakthrough! Moeen is given lbw. He’s called for the review but this looks pretty good. Pitches around middle, straightens a fraction. Hits him low on the front pad. No bat involved. It’s hitting the top of middle! (Umpire’s call, so review retained) 249/6

Second innings: st Paine b Lyon 40, massive turn, and Paine whips off the bails! This one is going upstairs for the stumping…Moeen’s toe is on the line, but is there anything behind it? I don’t think there is. … this is a big call. The stump cam implies there might be a millimetre in it, but I think there’ll be a riot if this isn’t given. The decision is OUT! 155/6

Adelaide Test

First innings: c b Lyon 25, flight and dip, it’s chipped back in the air, waaaaaaaaayyyy to the left of the bowler… only for Lyon to pluck a one-handed screamer! Holy smokes! That’s not nice, Garry, it’s sensational! Slightly loose from Moeen, done by the ball dropping on him, but the connection was firm and it brought out the Superman in Lyon as he soared to his left and grabbed it with the surety that characterises everything Australia do right now 132/6

Second innings: lbw b Lyon 2, tossed up, Moeen goes to sweep and is hit on the front pad… Up goes the finger! Australia are cock-a-hoop but Moeen delays their gratification by reviewing; this is going to be close but the margins are in Lyon’s favour here. Sure enough, it’s just in line (umpire’s call) and just clipping the top of off (umpire’s call) – and England are truly in the soup! 188/7

Perth Test

Second innings: lbw b Lyon 11, does him second time around! This looks a smidge quicker than the last ball, but everything else is the same. Pitches on a good length just outside off and slides on with the arm. Moeen plays for turn, gets beaten on the inside edge, struck in line with all three and walks off knowing not to review. 172/6

Melbourne Test

First innings: c SE Marsh b Lyon 20, super catch! Another wicket for not a great delivery. Short outside off, Moeen rocks back and doesn’t try to keep the ball down, drives in the air and it’s grabbed out of the air at short cover by Shaun Marsh 307/6

Sydney Test

Second innings: lbw b Lyon 13, sliding on, raps the front pad – and given! Moeen doesn’t hang around, he’s not even interested in spinning the DRS wheel, Lyon has bagged him for one last time in the series! Looked pretty Tweedle Dum on first glance, Australia have their first of the day 121/5

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