Lok Sabha Elections-2019

Priyanka campaigns in Haryana: Cong’s many successful MP faces Modi test

Panje ko panj lakh (500,000 votes to Congress),” contend a organisation of prime women, mins before sitting MP Deepender Hooda is about to enter a locus and start a highway show, along with Congress personality Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Holding placards of Priyanka, Rohtak waits as she runs late by dual hours. Most of them wait for “Deepender bhaiya” though a fad to see Priyanka is unmissable.

She appears finally, in a immature string saree, station atop a truck, waving, smiling, folding hands, and Rohtak bursts in excitement. Even a mini-BJP bureau that a procession crosses, has people peeking out, as Hooda smiles proudly station subsequent to her, as if she’s a present to his city.

Hooda’s group is assured that people won’t let a growth he has finished go in vain. The hazard is not a aspirant — Arvind Sharma, a former Congressman who switched over to a BJP — though that one male though whose discuss no choosing convene is complete: Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Younger people generally a first-time electorate have grown adult in a moneyed Rohtak. They didn’t declare a turnaround that a Hooda supervision did — both father and son. So, if someone is offered dreams, they could tumble for it,” says a chairman tighten to Congress functionary in Rohtak.

An octogenarian simply says, “Bluff khelta hai Modi. Deepender sharif hai.”

It is this honest picture that a Congress is building a debate around Hooda. Posters opposite a city say, “Apne Deepender ki pehchaan — saadgi, sharafat, shaandar kaam”.

In 2009, when his father vacated a seat, Hooda youth won by a thumping 585,000 votes. When Modi call swept a nation in 2014, Hooda was one of a few MPs who hold their ground. His winning domain was 490,000.

After 2.5 hours of travelling around Rohtak, Hooda interjection Priyanka ‘didi’ for her friendly presence. “I never discuss any caste. we usually speak growth and currently also we guarantee you, we will not bob to caste-based fight,” Deepender tell a ever-swelling crowd.

Itna pyar, Rohtak, sharminda kar diya,” Priyanka says and afterwards gets to business. “This supervision killed your business with a reckless GST, afterwards called station in reserve for exchanging banking as nationalism,” she roars. “Farmers trafficked thousands of kilometres to accommodate a PM and he didn’t give them 5 minutes, though went to eat biryani in Pakistan. He talks about nationalism.”

Modi will revisit Rohtak on May 10, dual days before a elections, and Hooda can’t assistance mentioning him. “When a PM comes what would we say?” “Chowkidar chor hai,” a rumble from a throng roughly sounds scripted.

Hooda continues to have his sway, though many are disenchanted, generally for ancillary a Jats during a 2016 agitation.

After a 2014 elections, Hooda’s friends used to fun about him being a usually Congress MP from Punjab to Bombay. Five years on, a quarrel has usually got tougher, with a challenger being a PM himself.

Article source: https://www.business-standard.com/article/elections/priyanka-campaigns-in-haryana-cong-s-most-successful-mp-faces-modi-test-119050800037_1.html


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