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Polling representative arrested in Haryana for allegedly perplexing to change voters

A polling representative has been arrested by a Palwal military for allegedly perplexing to change electorate during a counter in Asawati village. He has been charged with causing undue change on electorate and disobeying a orders of a open menial underneath a Indian Penal Code and dismissal of list papers underneath The Representation of a People Act.

Palwal Superintendent of Police Narendera Bijarniya told The Hindu that a military had perceived a censure from a presiding officer during a counter in Asawati encampment underneath Prithala Assembly subdivision opposite a polling representative for causing undue change on voters. “The indicted was identified as Giriraj, a proprietor of Asawati village. A box was purebred opposite him underneath Section 171C and 188 of a Indian Penal Code and 135 of a RP Act. He was after arrested,” pronounced Mr. Bijarniya.

The military officer pronounced that a video of a occurrence also flush wherein a indicted could be seen going nearby a cabin meant for casting votes and perplexing to change voters. He pronounced that a indicted had not voted on interest of any voter, though he attempted to change them. “He is seen twice going nearby a cabin when women came to expel their votes. He is not seen dire a symbol of a EVM on interest of a voters,” pronounced Mr. Bijarniya.

Article source: https://www.thehindu.com/elections/lok-sabha-2019/polling-agent-arrested-in-haryana-for-allegedly-trying-to-influence-voters/article27114584.ece


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