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‘Our priority is to form a non-BJP government’: K.C. Venugopal

Congress ubiquitous secretary K.C. Venugopal, a pivotal strategist, shares a party’s criticism of a rising domestic conditions after 6 phases of polling.

According to all a inputs, a Congress has finished really well. We are going to have a thespian boost in a tally. That also means that a BJP will be losing dramatically.

For one, a BJP had appearance in all these States — Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, we had zero; in Maharashtra, a NCP and a Congress together got 6 of 48 seats. In Jharkhand we had no seat, in Haryana we had one. We are doing intensely good in all these States. The BJP is confronting a tough conflict and even people like Nitin Gadkari are not carrying it easy and some-more than half a seats in Maharashtra will come to us. In Gujarat, a BJP has attempted all to decimate us, though we are removing anywhere between 6 and 10 seats. There are opposing reports from Rajasthan, though we are winning around 10 seats there. In Madhya Pradesh, they attempted everything, including fielding a hardcore Hindutva claimant in Bhopal though we will get some-more than half a seats. In Jharkhand and Bihar also, a conditions is similar. The BJP hopes to win seats in West Bengal, though they are not going to win some-more than one or two. Overall, a BJP total is entrance down by 80-100 seats.

The PM has attempted all probable to emanate polarisation, though people have not let that happen. Such a low-level discuss has never happened in a story of Indian democracy. No personality in India, let alone a PM, has used such language. He has not pronounced anything about jobs, NPAs, plantation distress, that are a genuine issues before a people. His plan has been to equivocate all these issues. Hiding a genuine bulletin became their agenda. People did not let that happen. The Hindu-Muslim polarisation that he attempted has not worked. The remarks by Modi and [BJP president]Amit Shah about Rahul Gandhi’s preference to competition from Wayanad were so bad in taste. Their fake claims have been exposed, as it happened in his latest speak on how he was micromanaging a operational sum of a Balakot operation. He has mislaid his mind. What is a context of accusing Rajiv Gandhi? All this is to torment community sentiments, and to irritate hatred, sidestepping a genuine issues.

We were really transparent from a commencement that we would not tumble into a trap of responding to Modi’s divisive rhetoric. That is a fumble that we could dedicate and hence were dynamic to equivocate any contention on polarising issues as he wanted. We kept a discuss focussed on a genuine issues. NYAY is not a domestic agenda, though a frank try to make an involvement in a lives of bad people.The Congress boss was privately endangered for months in a formulation. we won’t contend a summary has reached 100% of a population, though it positively has reached around 70% of a electorate. The Congress president’s speeches and campaigning by possibilities have taken a summary to a grassroots. You review a manifestoes of a BJP and a Congress and we will simply know who has addressed a genuine issues of a people and who has put adult a prophesy for a country. Mr. Gandhi has addressed 160 rallies already. Priyanka Gandhi also addressed dozens of rallies. The audience and a open response in some-more than 90% of these rallies have been overwhelmingly positive. People were receptive to a message.

We are watchful for a formula on May 23. Unless we have a numbers, it is beforehand to speak about post-poll arrangements. Our inner criticism is convincing for us — that a Modi supervision will be ousted. We are all carefree that a Congress will be an choice option. But a priority is to form a non-BJP government. We will make serve moves deliberation a series of seats that we win, and other parties win. You were privately endangered in a Karnataka model, where a Congress upheld a celebration that has distant fewer seats. Would we have a Karnataka indication in Delhi too?

NEW DELHI, 18/06/2018: Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy assembly AICC President Rahul Gandhi during his chateau currently in New Delhi. Also benefaction were Danish Ali, JDS , General Secretary and K.C. Venugopal, AICC General General Secretary.


We can’t contend that. We are really assured about an considerable opening of a Congress. Any criticism over that during this impulse will be beforehand and we won’t make any. Let a formula be out.

Yes, certainly. Ousting a Modi supervision is a domestic design and we are assured of achieving it.

Yes indeed. All that will be discussed formed on a results, how many seats we have, and how many seats a partners have. There is no indicate speculating about it now. But we am carefree that a formula will make a Congress a rallying indicate for many parties.

What doubt we have? Not usually that, others who might not be with us currently also will join us. That is because we am observant we contingency keep all this aside, compartment a formula are out.

All parties are in hold on a horde of common issues. For instance, on a VVPAT issue, 21 parties got together. There is a coordination that exists among all these parties. The Congress and these parties have a comfortable relationship, notwithstanding a fact that we are in competition with some of them during a State level.

There is no indicate deliberating that doubt right now. As distant as we are concerned, we have fought a elections really well.

Article source: https://www.thehindu.com/elections/lok-sabha-2019/our-priority-is-to-form-a-non-bjp-government-kc-venugopal/article27130523.ece


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