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Our bulletin is putting Haryana behind on a expansion path: Deepender Singh Hooda

Congress leader Deepender Singh Hooda won a Rohtak Lok Sabha chair in Haryana in a 2014 choosing in annoy of a Modi wave. But a 2019 choosing is going to be a tightrope travel amid a pointy polarisation between Jats and other communities. Excerpts from an interview:

The Congress is going to do improved in Haryana, and we are going to win a infancy of a seats in a State.

The State supervision has not achieved and in a past 5 years, a BJP has attempted standing polarisation in a State. Our beliefs is to quarrel that, and we am certain we will get support from all sections of multitude and will better this divisive politics with a thorough ideology.

We will get votes from all sections since a bulletin is development. That is a bulletin we are fighting these elections on. Sonipat was one of a constituencies that saw a swell of development. Be it educational institutions, universities, roads, all-round expansion opposite villages during a Congress regime. In a final 5 years of a BJP government, that totally collapsed. There is no expansion work a BJP has undertaken. Our bulletin is to put a State behind on issues of expansion and growth.

We are in a Opposition, and we are a ones who are presenting a news card.

Hoodaji has also finished it transparent that his seductiveness lies in State politics. So, he is right about that though Sonipat is Hoodaji’s home turf. Even if Hoodaji were to lapse to State politics, we will not leave any mill unturned for Sonipat’s development. As distant as Digvijay Singhji is concerned, a fact that a Chief Minister [Manohar Lal Khattar] has come out and called him a clever candidate, tells we who has fielded him.

Any celebration will like to put a best feet brazen and no celebration will go into a elections with their second best options. The same goes for a Congress celebration where a care motionless a best possibilities for a many matched seats.

We have never focussed on any one village or religion. The BJP can play a sacrament and standing card. The RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] plays a label blatantly.

No, we are assured and certain that we are going to win. The BJP possibilities have zero to news behind as they have not finished anything. That’s because it’s their bulletin to concentration on Mr. Modi and a atmosphere strikes. we am assured that a infancy of a people will see by that and we will be means to win a infancy of a seats, not only Rohtak and Sonipat.

That was one of a allegations during a tenure. If we demeanour during a Rohtak parliamentary constituency, one side is Gurgaon and on a west side, there is Rohtak. For decades, nobody worried about it. Look during Gurgaon and Noida. They got concerned in a expansion of NCR [National Capital Region]. During a government, we attempted to safeguard … a fact this area was abandoned … this fact goes out and this area gets concerned in a expansion of NCR. We were means to grasp this but any taste to other regions. But in politics, a Opposition had to find an issue. So they indicted us of nurturing Rohtak and Sonipat.

Article source: https://www.thehindu.com/elections/lok-sabha-2019/our-agenda-is-putting-haryana-back-on-the-growth-path/article27035395.ece


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