Lok Sabha Election

New Lok Sabha has top series of women MPs

The newly inaugurated 17th Lok Sabha showcases a saffron sweep, with a BJP holding 303 of 542 parliamentary seats that went to a polls. According to information from Parliament tracker PRS Legislative Research, 397 MPs have been inaugurated from inhabitant parties. The Congress managed to have 52 MPs elected, while a Trinamool Congress has given 22 to a reduce House.

Among informal parties, a DMK and a YSR Congress have a many series of seats — 23 and 22 respectively.


While in 2014, 314 MPs were first-timers, this time around, a series has lessened to 300. 197 MPs have been re-elected, as against to 169 in 2014. Only 45 MPs have progressing hold office.


This is also a time that a normal age of an MP has reduced drastically. 12% of MPs are aged next 40 years. In 2014, usually 8% fit into this age group. Incidentally, women MPs are 6 years younger than their masculine counterparts. The 17th Lok Sabha also has a top series of women MPs. Women’s illustration has usually increasing in a Lok Sabha. In a first-ever election, usually 5% of a House consisted of women. Now, that has increasing to 14%.

Over 600 women have been legislators given 1962. Of a 543 constituencies, about half (48.4%) have never voted a lady MP given 1962. As many as 280 constituencies have voted during slightest one lady MP. The map next gives a design of how many women MPs have been inaugurated over a years. Use a year slider to try a information over a years.


This is still a low series given that it is not nearby proportional representation. The U.S. has 32% lawmakers, while beside Bangladesh has 21%.


2019 also sees a boost in a series of MPs who have finished their propagandize education. 27% of those inaugurated have finished Class XII, compared to 20% in 2014. Since 1996, 75% of a House has been filled adult by graduates. 4% of a inaugurated MPs this year possess doctorate degrees. 38% of MPs have listed their contention as rural activities, while 39% contend they are in domestic and amicable work.

Article source: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/new-lok-sabha-has-highest-number-of-women-mps/article27260506.ece


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