Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, Asia Cup Highlights: Afghanistan Beat Listless Sri Lanka By 91 Runs

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Highlights Between Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan, 2018 Asia Cup 3rd ODI true from Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

00:20 IST: We leave we with all a highlights from a Group B compare between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Thank we for fasten us on a live action, until subsequent time, it’s goodbye! 

00:18 IST: WICKET! Rashid Khan traps Lasith Malinga in front of a stumps. Malinga attempted to brush Rashid though fails to collect adult a length and pays his price. Sri Lanka 158 all-out in 41.2 remove to Afghanistan by 91 runs.

00:13 IST: BOWLED! Now Thisara Perera bites a dust. He has been spotless adult by a good length smoothness from Gulbadin Naib. Sri Lanka event to 156/9 in 40.2 overs.

00:11 IST: Final poweplay has been taken! Gulbadin Naib to play a 41st over with Sri Lanka wanting 94 runs in 60 balls during a compulsory run rate of 9.56.

00:03 IST: BOWLED! Akila Dananjaya attempted to dance down a belligerent and have a representation during a round from Mohammad Nabi though misses all on a approach as a round takes a center stump. Sri Lanka 153/8 after 38.2 overs. Sri Lanka need 97 runs to win from 70 balls.

23:53 IST: BOWLED! Mujeeb Ur Rahman has knocked Dasun Shanaka for a duck. That was shining round from Mujeeb came in for a right-handed batsman to take a center stump. Sri Lanka 144/7 after 35.3 overs.

23:50 IST: WICKET! Angelo Mathews creates a bad choice of shot, dances down a belligerent to strike it over prolonged on though mistimes it to find Rashid Khan. He falls to Mohammad Nabi for 22 runs. Sri Lanka 143/6 after 35 overs.

23:45 IST: Boundary! Thisara Perera nudges divided a round down a leg side by Rashid Khan to find a fence. A bad smoothness from Rashid, gets a treatment. Sri Lanka 140/5 after 34 overs.

23:40 IST: Drinks break! Sri Lanka 134/5 after 33 overs. They need 116 runs, with 5 wickets in palm to win a match. Required run rate 6.82.

23:37 IST: Boundary! Poor smoothness from Aftab Alam, short-pitched, directed towards a leg side and Thisara Perera lift it over excellent leg to find a fence.

23:31 IST: Boundary! Angelo Mathews uses his feet beautifully, flicks a shot to find opening over mid-wicket and Aftab Alam has leaked 4 runs here. Good over for Sri Lanka, 7 from it, 123/5 after 31 overs. 

23:23 IST: Another neat over for Afghanistan, usually 3 runs conceded by Gulbadin Naib. Sri Lanka 113/5 after 29 overs. They need 136 runs from here to win a compare with 5 wickets in hand.

23:16 IST: Run out! Mix-up, bad job again and Shehan Jayasuriya pays a cost during a non-strikers end. Angelo Mathews’ had sent him back, not prepared to take a second run. Meanwhile, Rashid Khan threw a round to Mujeeb Ur Rahman, who dislodged a bails before Jayasuriya could make his ground. Sri Lanka 108/5. Thisara Perera is a new batsman in.

23:10 IST: Sri Lanka strech a 100-run symbol in 25.1 overs. The second fifty took 79 balls to come. Huge interest by Rashid Khan for a lbw meanwhile, he trapped Shehan Jayasuriya in front of a stumps, while a batsman was perplexing to brush him. Gregory Brathwaite gives it not out. The Afghans consider they have got their man, though they don’t have a review. 6 runs from a over. Sri Lanka 105/4 after 26 overs.

23:05 IST: Another careful over from Rashid Khan comes to an end. Just dual runs from it. Sri Lanka 97/4 after 24 overs. Mohammad Nabi to play from a other end.

22:58 IST: Three runs from a Rashid Khan over. Sri Lanka 92/4 after 22 overs. They need 158 runs to win a match, with 6 wickets to spare. Required rate 5.68, reduction than run a ball.

22:50 IST: WICKET! Upul Tharanga strikes it tough towards mid-on, usually to find Asghar Afghan from Gulbadin Naib’s delivery. Sri Lanka are losing their approach here, 88/4 after 20.2 overs. Shehan Jayasuriya is a new batsman in.

22:46 IST: BOWLED! Rashid Khan strikes for Afghanistan, he gets absolved of Kusal Perera for 17. Rashid bowled it full, Kusal unsuccessful to decider a length and pays a price. Sri Lanka 86/3 after 19.5 overs.

22:43 IST: Rashid Khan has been introduced for a initial time in a match. Can he mangle a partnership here?

22:41 IST: Four more! Kusal Perera picked Mohammad Nabi’s line outward off branch early and slams him for a brush shot to a range over a block leg. Sri Lanka 83/2 after 19 overs.

22:38 IST: Boundary! Short smoothness from Aftab Alam, Kusal Perera has a representation on it and a round will take a aerial track to competition down to a fence. Sri Lanka 76/2 affter 18 overs.

22:31 IST: Afghanistan has taken an referral! The Afghans looked assured as a round from Mohammad Nabi goes on to strike a pads of Upul Tharanga. NOT OUT given, a round was clearly flapping down a leg stump. Sri Lanka 68/2 after 17 overs and drinks mangle has been called by a umpires! 

22:27 IST: Swing and a miss! Back-to-back, Upul Tharanga tries to have a representation during Gulbadin Naib’s smoothness though fails to get anything from his bat as a round scarcely fails to take an corner off his bat. Sri Lanka 65/2 after 16 overs.

22:25 IST: Boundary! Pure timing from Upul Tharanga, he hits a good length smoothness from Gulbadin Naib by a covers for 4 runs. Tharanga has now scored 30 runs from 50 deliveries.

22:22 IST: Lovey cover expostulate from Upul Tharanga to play a tossed adult smoothness from Mohammad Nabi to collect adult a couple. Sri Lanka 59/2 after 15 overs. They need 191 runs to win with 8 wickets to spare.

22:14 IST: RUN OUT! Comedy of errors there between Dhanjaya de Silva and Upul Tharanga. de Silva pays a cost during a strikers’ end. Sri Lanka 55.2 after 13.2 overs. Kusal Perera is a new batsman in. 

22:10 IST: WIDE AND BYES! Mohammad Nabi play it towards a leg side, Mohammad Shahzad fails to accumulate a play behind a stumps and those runs will harm Afghanistan.

22:07 IST: BOUNDARY! Straight over a conduct of a umpire, Dhananjaya de Silva smashes Gulbadin Naib’s full-length delivery, one rebound to a fence.

22:02 IST: SIX! Beautiful lofted shot from Dhananjaya de Silva, he disposes Gulbadin Naib’s good length smoothness for a limit over cover region. Sri Lanka 42/1 after 10 overs.

21:58 IST: First bowling change for Afghanistan! Gulbadin Naib replaces Aftab Alam.

21:57 IST: Boundary! Upul Tharanga uses a abyss of a double to punch a round from Mujeeb Ur Rahman, towards square. Much-needed range for Sri Lanka, 33/1 after 9 overs.

21:53 IST: Afghanistan are bowling well. Too many dot balls, putting vigour on Sri Lanka. Excellent over from Aftab Alam, usually a singular from it. Sri Lanka 28/1 after 8 overs.

21:47 IST: Three runs taken! Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s carrom round was flapping down a leg stump, Upul Tharanga nudges it towards a excellent leg to take 3 discerning runs. Sri Lanka 27/1 after 7 overs.

21:45 IST: Tidy over from Aftab Alam, usually 4 runs from it. Afghanistan 21/1 after 6 overs.

21:40 IST: DROPPED! Outside corner from Tharanga, Mohammad Shahzad fails to locate it behind a stumps. Mujeeb ur Rahman could have picked adult his second wicket. Sri Lanka 17/1 after 5 overs.

21:36 IST: A bit of hesitation! But Dhananjaya de Silva does good to strech behind to the batsman’s finish after a chuck unsuccessful to strike a stumps. Sri Lanka 13/1 after 4 overs. 

21:34 IST: Double! Upul Tharanga taps a play towards a block leg to collect up two runs from Aftab Alam’s delivery. 

21:27 IST: Boundary! First runs on house for Sri Lanka, Aftab Alam bowls on a pads to Upul Tharanga, who leads a round towards excellent leg to find a fence. Sri Lanka 4/1 after 2 overs. 

21:25 IST: Brilliant start for Afghanistan and Mujeeb Ur Rahman! Maiden and a wicket for him. Afghanistan 0/1 after 1 over. Aftab Alam to play to Upul Tharanga in a second over. Dhananjaya de Silva is a new batsman in. 

21:21 IST: WICKET! Early breakthrough for Afghanistan as Mujeeb Ur Rahman traps Kusal Mendis in front of a stumps. Beautiful smoothness from Mujeeb, entrance behind in for a right-handed batsman. Sri Lanka 01/ after 0.2 balls.

21:20 IST: Sri Lanka opener Kusal Mendis takes guard. He will face spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Fellow opener Upul Tharanga is on a non-strikers end. Sri Lanka start their follow of 250 runs.

20:51 IST: BOWLED! Unnecessary try to play a retreat brush from Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Thisara Perera’s round in a blockhole does a damage. Afghanistan finish their innings on 249 runs. Seven runs and 3 wickets entrance in a final over.

20:50 IST: BOWLED! Nice and full from Thisara Perera, Rashid Khan was perplexing to go for a toil though fails to decider a ball. He departs for 13. Afghanistan 249/9 after 49.4 overs.

20:47 IST: SIX! What a approach to start a innings, down a ground, initial ball. Aftab Alam hits Thisara Perera over additional cover for a maximum.

20:44 IST: WICKET! Thisara Perera looks for yorker, Gulbadin Naib tries to strike him over a fielder inside a round on a block and hands a low locate to Akila Dananjaya

20:42 IST: FOUR! Rashid Khan pulls Lasith Malinga over low block leg to find a fence. 13 runs from a over by Lasith Malinga. Afghanistan 242/7 after 49 overs. Thisara Perera to play a final over. 

20:36 IST: BOWLED! Full length smoothness from Thisara Perera, take an inside corner from Najibullah Zadran’s willow. He departs for 12 runs. Afghanistan 227/7 after 47.5 overs.

20:32 IST: Five runs from that over by Lasith Malinga and a wicket. Afghanistan 224/6 after 47 overs.

20:28 IST: WICKET! Mohammad Nabi tries to chip Lasith Malinga’s slower one, though he has been held by Thisara Perera. Nabi departs for 15. Afghanistan 222/6 after 46.3 overs. 

20:25 IST: SIX! Massive one from Mohammad Nabi, who hits Dushmantha Chameera over long-on for a maximum. Afghanistan 219/5 after 45 overs.

20:22 IST: Direct-hit! On a non-strikers end, a fielder during a brief mid-wicket hits a branch as Mohammad Nabi tries to make his ground. The on-field referee goes to a third umpire, who calls it not out.

20:15 IST: BOWLED! Thisara Perera bowls a good length delivery, Hashmatullah Shahidi tries to lift him over mid-wicket, though mistimes a shot as a round dislodges a bails completely. Afghanistan 203/5 after 44.2 overs. Perera did not applaud that wicket, he does not looks confident during this stage. 

20:14 IST: 200 runs adult for Afghanistan in 43.5 overs. The fourth 50 took 58 runs to come. 4 runs from a Lasith Malinga over, Afghanistan 201,4 after 44 overs.

20:10 IST: Short smoothness from Lasith Malinga, Mohammad Nabi pulls it to collect adult a singular towards block leg.

20:01 IST: OUT! Slower delivery, some-more like a knife from Dushmantha Chameera and Rahmat Shah tries to play it over prolonged on though mistimes it to find Thisara Perera. Rahmat Shah departs after a good played 72 runs. Afghanistan 190/4 after 41.1 overs. Mohammad Nabi is a new batsman in.

19:58 IST: Boundary! Sloppy work in a low by Akila Dananjaya, Rahmat Shah pulls a good length smoothness by Lasith Malinga towards excellent leg to find a fence. Afghanistan 190/3 after 41 overs. Lasith Malinga has costed 44 for nothing in his 7 overs.

19:51 IST: Boundary! Rahmat Shah moves on a behind feet and cuts a round by a cover segment to find 4 runs. Afghanistan 183/3 after 40 overs. The fourth wicket mount between Rahmat Shah and Hashmatullah Shahidi has now stitched together 74 runs. Sri Lanka desperately need a breakthrough here. 

19:48 IST: Three runs from a Dushmantha Chameera over. 11 overs to go, Sri Lanka 178.3 after 39 overs. Bowling change for Sri Lanka Akila Dananjaya replaces Lasith Malinga.

19:39 IST: 10 runs from a Lasith Malinga over. Sri Lanka 166/3 after 36 overs. Malinga has unsuccessful to collect a singular wicket from a 5 overs he has bowled.

19:33 IST: Boundary! Upper-cut from Hashmatullah Shahidi, good directed, brief of a length smoothness from Malinga will finish adult to a blockade towards third-man.

19:31 IST: Half-century for Rahmat Shah! Shah brings it in style, behind of a length smoothness from Thisara Perera and Rahmat plays it over mid-off for a boundary. Afghanistan 156/3 after 35 overs. Lasith Malinga has been brought behind into a attack.

19:29 IST: Direct-hit! Rahmat Shah survives, bit of perplexity in that call from both a batsman. There was a approach strike on a strikers end, though Rahmat was in safely.

19:25 IST: Tidy over from Dhananjaya de Silva, usually 3 runs from it. Afghanistan 149/3 after 34 overs.

19:21 IST: Drinks break! Afghanistan 146/3 after 33 overs. Sri Lanka conceded 5 runs from a prior over by Akila Dananjaya.

19:17 IST: Afghanistan 141/3 after 32 overs. Dhananjaya de Silva concedes 5 singles from his final 5 balls. Akila Dananjaya to play from a other end.  

19:14 IST: Five runs from that over of Dushmantha Chameera. Afghanistan 136/3 after 31 overs. Akila Dhananjaya to play a subsequent over. 

19:09 IST: Boundary! Hashmatullah Shahidi creates room for himself, punches it on a backfoot and a round from Dushmantha Chameera will competition divided to a range towards thrid-man, who dived during full widen to stop a round from conflict a rope.

19:07 IST: Projected measure 252 runs for Afghanistan from here on. If they conduct to get during slightest 6 runs per over. Afghanistan 130/3 after 30 overs, 

19:01 IST: Boundary! Well offset shot from Rahmat, smashing execution, plays it towards a mid-wicket and he punishes Chameera for a pitched-up delivery.

19:00 IST: Bowling change for Sri Lanka, Dushmantha Chameera replaces Akila Dananjaya to play a 29th over.

18:57 IST: Boundary! Quicker smoothness from Shehan Jayasuriya, no spin on it. Rahmat Shah plays it on a back-foot to find a opening by a covers for 4 runs. Shah has now scored 29 runs from 45 deliveries.

18:56 IST: Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews has again deployed a trip for a left-hander Hashmatullah Shahidi on strike, perplexing to put Afghanistan on a backfoot. Afghanistan 113/3 after 27 overs.

18:51 IST: OUT! Asghar Afghan attempted to play opposite a line and he has been trapped in front of a stumps by Shehan Jayasuriya. Afghan departs for 1. Afghanistan 110/3 after 26 overs. Hashmatullah Shahidi is a new batsman in. 

18:46 IST: Huge lbw appeal! Ihsanullah was trapped in front of a pads by Akila Dananjaya though a on-field referee soothing signaled it for a not-out and Sri Lanka have taken a review. OUT! The round tracker shows a round pitched in-line, impact in-line and Ihsanullah Janat departs for 45 off 65. Afghanistan now dual down for 107 runs in 24.4 overs. Sri Lanka keep their review. Skipper Asghar Afghan is a new batsman in for Afghanistan. 

18:40 IST: Afghanistan cranky a 100 run symbol in 23.3 overs. Ihsanullah nudges a round flapping down a leg branch to find a fence. Better over from a Afghanistan perspective, 7 runs from it. Afghanistan 106/1 after 24 overs.

18:38 IST: Appeal for lbw! But a round from Dananjaya was clearly flapping down a leg stump, referee shakes his head, manners a preference in foster of a batsman. Afghanistan 99/1 after 23 overs.

18:35 IST: Angelo Mathews used Lasith Malinga usually for one over in his second spell. Akila Dananjaya to reinstate Malinga. He will play a 23rd over.

18:33 IST: Two runs from Malinga’s fourth over. Afghanistan 96/1 after 21 overs. Off-spinner Shehan Jayasuriya to play from a other end.

18:29 IST: Lasith Malinga has been brought behind into a attack. He will try to find a breakthrough. He had conceded 20 runs in his initial spell of 3 overs. Afghanistan 94/1 after 20 overs. 6 extras conceded by Sri Lanka so far.

18:25 IST: Four more! Short-pitched smoothness from Thisara Perera, will get a treatment. Ihsanullah Janat smashes it far-reaching off a block fielder to a fence. Afghanistan 92/1 after 19 overs.

18:23 IST: Boundary! One rebound to a fence, Ihsanullah Janat punched a good length smoothness from Thisara Perera, over a long-on to find a fence.

18:20 IST: Double from Ihsanullah Janat towards behind block leg to finish a over. Janat and Rahmat Shah have now stitched an dominant 36-run third wicket stand. Afghnaistan 83/1 after 18 overs.

18:16 IST: Huge lbw appeal! Hawk-eye shows a smoothness from Thisara Perera hits approach over a off stumps, Ihsanullah Janat survives! Good from Sri Lankan perspective, they did not examination it. Afghanistan 76/1 after 17 overs.

18:10 IST: Drinks break! Afghanistan 75/1 after 16 overs. Sri Lanka need to get wickets in discerning period here to get behind into a match. The upsurge of runs differently has slowed for Afghanistan after a tumble of their initial wicket.

18:08 IST: Change of bowling for Sri Lanka. Dhananja de Silva to play a 16th over, he has a economy of around 5.00. But a round has not spun most today.

18:03 IST: Another neat over from Sri Lanka. Just dual conceded by Akila Dananjaya. Afghanistan 64/1 after 14 overs. Thisara Perera to play from a other end.

18:01 IST: Brilliant over from Dushmantha Chameera. Only dual runs from it. Afghanistan 62/1 after 13 overs. Akila Dananjaya to continue from a other end.

17:55 IST: Angelo Mathews has deployed a trip for a new batsman. He has set adult an aggressive field, in hunt of discerning wickets. Rahmat Shah is a new male in for Afghanistan.

17:53 IST: WICKET! Sri Lanka have found a breakthrough in form of a dangeous looking Mohammad Shahzad. Unnecessary from a opener as he attempted to play a retreat brush and gets trapped in front of a stumps. Afghanistan 57/1 after 11.4 overs.

17:50 IST: SIX! First one of a match, Mohammad Shahzad dances down a ground, a smoothness from Akila Dananjaya was shifting down a leg, though good review by Shahzad to strike it over a fence.

17:49 IST: Hesitation! Chance of a run-out, Kusal Mendis had copiousness of time to take a strike during a batsman’s end but he misses it and Afghanistan strech a 50-run symbol in 10.5 overs with a detriment of any wicket.

17:44 IST: Afghanistan 45/0 after 10 overs. For a first-time a group has not mislaid a singular wicket in a powerplay during a Asia Cup 2018.

17:41 IST: A good looking shot over mid-wicket by Mohammad Shahzad, he collects dual runs for it to finish a over. Afghanistan 43/0 after 9 overs.

17:40 IST: Boundary! Bowled short by Thisara Perera in a third round of his over and he has been crushed over mid-wicket by Mohammad Shahzad for 4 runs!

17:38 IST: Spin has been introduced by Sri Lanka. Off-spinner Akila Dananjaya to play to Mohammad Shahzad. He gives divided 3 runs in his initial over. Eight over gone, Afghanistan 35 for no loss.

17:34 IST: Boundary! First bowling change for Sri Lanka, Thisara Perrera been introduced and Ihsanullah Janat crafts his good length smoothness by a covers for a boundary! Afghanistan 32/0 after 7 overs. 

17:30 IST: Maiden over from Dushmantha Chameera. His second already from a 3 overs he has bowled. Afghanistan 28/0 after 6 overs.

17:25 IST: Another boundary! This time from a bat of Ihsanullah Janat, good length smoothness from Lasith Malinga, usually a apt hold from Janat will be adequate to find a fence. Afghanistan 28/0 after 5 overs.

17:22 IST: Boundary! Short pitched smoothness from Lasith Malinga, Shahzad plays a uppish cut to find a blockade divided from a third man. Akila Dananjaya attempted a diving bid though a round fell good out of his reach. 

17:20 IST: Four more! Shahzad smashes a over pitched smoothness from Chameera, far-reaching divided from a mid-off fielder to a fence. Positive start for Afghanistan, 18/0 after 4 overs.

17:15 IST: Boundary! Ihsanullah Janat clips a good length smoothness from Lasith Malinga over mid-wicket and gets off a mark. It took him 8 balls to get his initial runs on a board. Afghanistan 11/0 after 3 overs.

17:12 IST: Huge lbw interest from Lasith Malinga! But a round was clearly flapping down a leg stump. Shahzad will take a singular for that.

 17:10 IST: Maiden over from Dushmantha Chameera. Ihsanullah Janat still to get off a mark. Afghanistan 6/0 after 2 overs.

17:05 IST: Six runs from a initial over, all from a bat of Mohammad Shahzad. Afghanistan 6/0 after 1 over.

Dushmantha Chameera to play a second over from a other end.

17:02 IST: Boundary! Outside corner from Shahzad’s bat, will go all a approach to a fence. Lasith Malinga attempted to keep a round a bit far-reaching a off stump, he pays a cost for a additional bounce. Afghanistan off a symbol in a second round of a match.

17:00 IST: Mohammad Shahzad takes guard, he will face a initial round from Sri Lankan pacer Lasith Malinga. Ihsanullah Janat is on a non-striker end.

16:55 IST: The compare officials along with a teams have walked out in a centre for a inhabitant anthem.

16:40 IST: Afghanistan (Playing XI): Mohammad Shahzad (w), Ihsanullah Janat, Rahmat Shah, Gulbadin Naib, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Asghar Afghan (c), Najibullah Zadran, Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan, Aftab Alam, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

16:35 IST: Sri Lanka (Playing XI): Upul Tharanga, Kusal Mendis, Kusal Perera (w), Dhananjaya de Silva, Angelo Mathews (c), Dasun Shanaka, Thisara Perera, Shehan Jayasuriya, Akila Dananjaya, Lasith Malinga, Dushmantha Chameera

“Akila Dananjaya comes behind in, as does Shehan Jayasuriya and Dushmantha Chameera. Amila Aponso and Dilruwan Perera skip out along with Suranga Lakmal,” says Angelo Mathews. 

16:30 IST: Afghanistan captain Asghar Afhan wins a toss, opts to bat first. 

16:25 IST: Pitch report: “The aspect looks totally opposite from Dubai where we had no weed during all. The representation here looks utterly immature though don’t go by a looks since from my experience, a pitches in Abu Dhabi have been good for batting,” says Rameez Raja. 

16:00 IST: Hello and acquire to a live explanation from a Group B compare between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. 

Rahmat Shah, Mohammad Shahzad, Najibullah Zadran and Mohammad Nabi have all done 300-plus runs this deteriorate in ODIs. Rahmat Shah has been discharged for a single-figure measure usually once in his final 17 innings, dating behind to a Ireland array in Sharjah final December. Coming to their bowling, a spin twin of Rashid Khan (29 wickets from 11 ODIs) and Mujeeb Ur Rehman, will be approaching to difficulty a Sri Lankan batsman and hang adult their innings quickly.

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