Asia Cup, India vs Pakistan, Head To Head: Advantage India In Matches With Arch-Rivals

Out of a 12 Asia Cup matches played between a dual teams, India have won 6 times (5 ODIs and one T20I) while Pakistan have won on 5 occasions. One compare finished with no result.

India won vs Pakistan:

In a 1983/84 book of a Asia Cup, India (188/4) kick Pakistan (134 all out) by 54 runs in a final of a contest to lift a title.

In a 1988/89 edition, India (143/6) kick Pakistan (142 all out) by 4 wickets and after kick Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in a final to lift a trophy.

In 2008, India were placed in Group B with Pakistan. In a organisation stages, India (301/4) kick Pakistan (299/4) by 6 wickets with 47 balls to spare. That year’s final was played between India and Sri Lanka, that a islanders won by 100 runs.

In a 2010 edition, India (271/7) kick Pakistan (267 all out) by 3 wickets, with one turn remaining. In a final, India (268/6) kick Sri Lanka (187 all out) by 81 runs to lift a title.

In 2011/12, India (330/4) kick Pakistan (329/6) by 6 wickets. However, Pakistan after kick Bangladesh by dual runs to bind a title.

The 2016 book was played as a T20I. India (85/5) kick Pakistan (83 all out) by 5 wickets in turn robin and after went on to better Bangladesh by 8 wickets to win a pretension for a sixth time.

Exception: The 1990/91 Asia Cup book usually featured India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. India (205/3) kick Sri Lanka (204/9) by 7 wickets to take a pretension home.

Pakistan wins vs India:

In a 1994/95 edition, Pakistan (266/9) kick India (169 all out) by 97 runs. However, India went on to kick Sri Lanka in a final by 8 wickets to lift a title.

In 2000, Pakistan (295/7) kick India (251/7) by 44 runs in round-robin. They after kick Sri Lanka in a final by 39 runs to emerge champions.

In a 2004 edition, Pakistan (300/9) kick India (241/8) by 59 runs in round-robin. That year’s final was played between Sri Lanka and India, that a Lankan Lions won by 25 runs.

In a 2008 edition, Pakistan suffered a six-wicket better during a hands of India in a organisation stages. However, in a Super Fours, Pakistan (309/2) avenged their better and kick India (308/7) by 8 wickets.

In a 2013/14 Asia Cup, Pakistan (249/9) kick India (245/8) by one wicket. Sri Lanka won a pretension that year by winning a final opposite Pakistan.

India vs Pakistan during Asia Cup (no result):

The India-Pakistan compare in a 1977 book could not be finished due to complicated sleet and bad light and a compare was scheduled for a after date. However, sleet played spoilsport as a re-scheduled compare was deserted but a turn being bowled.

In a 11 editions of a Asia Cup that has been played compartment now, India have won a titles 6 times (1983/84, 1988/89, 1990/91, 1994/95, 2010, 2016), creation them a many successful group during a tournament. India will be aiming to kick arch-rivals Pakistan again and win a pretension for a seventh time.

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