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2019 choosing scenarios for BJP and Congress

NEW DELHI: The theatre is set for 2019 Lok Sabha elections with a Election Commission announcing a check report yesterday. An assertive Congress and possibilities of a mega antithesis fondness have done a elections rarely indeterminate even yet Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got a vast picture boost after atmosphere strikes on Pakistan and a BJP hopes to get full infancy roving on a still-intact recognition of a leader.

What are a prospects of BJP and Congress? There are chances of smaller parties personification a wilful purpose in a arrangement of a subsequent supervision in a instances of a dual biggest parties descending brief of seats. Based on a TOI analysis, next are a probable scenarios for a dual biggest parties:

Scenarios for Congress

Scenario 1

150+ seats

This looks a distant cry and will need Congress to get a improved of BJP in vast states like Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Gujarat where a dual parties are face to face. This outcome will meant Rahul Gandhi could lead a non-NDA coalition.

Scenario 2

110-130 seats

Congress will still be a largest non-BJP celebration by distant and can still interest explain to heading a bloc government. This will be resisted by vast informal players like TMC, RJD and BSP yet other parties like a Left, RJD, NC and DMK will support Rahul as PM.

Scenario 3

75-100 seats

Thsi is skinny ice as distant as a care stakes go. This series might good meant a wilful lead for BJP and that might put Congress out of play. Even otherwise, a pre- or post-poll organisation of informal parties might insist on their possess claimant yet accord on this is not easy.

Scenarios for BJP

Scenario 1

250+ seats

Air strikes on apprehension camps in Pakistan to revenge a Pulwama conflict seem to have shifted a account from stagnation and plantation trouble and increased Modi’s picture as a clever leader. It could pull BJP’s total to within sniffing stretch of a majority, and along with a support of allies, see him lapse for a second term.

Scenario 2

220-230 seats

Ahead of 2014, there was speak of a “160 club” inside BJP and outward as good that believed that Modi’s viewed miss of acceptability will meant a concede choice for PM. This has now been transposed by a “220 club” that likewise feels stream and intensity allies would find Modi’s replacement. But BJP might good insist on Modi apropos a PM or select to lay in opposition.

Scenario 3

140-160 seats

This will meant Congress and others carrying done poignant gains. A low BJP series could set a theatre for a Congress-led government. It will roughly positively meant BJP sits in a opposition. It will still authority numbers expected to be some-more than Congress. A vast retard of informal parties and Congress will, however, foster proponents of an anti-BJP coalition.

Article source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/elections/lok-sabha/india/2019-election-scenarios-for-bjp-and-congress/articleshow/68358317.cms


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