Litchi business in the red in Lucknow after Bihar government advisory

There’s a sharp decline in the sale of litchis in Lucknow after the Bihar government issued an advisory asking parents not to give this fruit to children on an empty stomach.

Health experts suspected that the deaths of children in Muzaffarpur were linked to toxins present in litchis. The kids showed symptoms of acute encephalitis syndrome.

The fruit has a chemical methylene cyclopropyl-glycine (MCPG), which is believed to have affected brain functioning when sugar levels are low, they said.

“Now, there are hardly any takers for litchis in Lucknow,” said traders.

“We actually don’t know what to do with the stock that certainly won’t last long, if not sold,” said Babu Mohammed Atiq, who owns a shop at a fruit market in Dubagga area of Lucknow.

“Generally, litchis hit the market prior to the arrival of mangoes. Hence, the markets are full of litchis as mango will take another 10 days or so to hit the market. If the sale continues to be low for the next couple of days, traders will suffer huge losses this season,” he added.

Nankau, a fruit seller from Khadra area, said: “There are many who have stocked the fruit. But since there are hardly any takers now, poor people like us who depend on daily sale, will be left hand to mouth.”

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Jun 15, 2019 07:56 IST

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