Accountability must for higher education reforms, says Bihar governor Lalji Tan…

Bihar governor and Chancellor of universities Lalji Tandon has set his eyes on the much-needed reforms in Bihar’s beleaguered higher education.

In an interview with HT, Tandon on Tuesday said he was gradually learning about the problems that the state universities are facing. He said the university administrations would have to take onus for ensuring a turnaround.

“The time has come to fix accountability. Things cannot be allowed to go on like this. If examinations are not taking place on time, why is it happening? Where does the fault lie? After all, when government is spending so much money, it must be ensured that the benefits are actually reaching the target groups. If not, the reasons need to be found for corrective measures,” he added.

Tandon said he would first get the basics right so that the essence of higher education was not diluted. “There are qualified people in all universities of the state, but if things are still not improving, it calls for serious thinking. There is autonomy to universities, but along with it there should also be accountability,” he said.

The chancellor said total change in one go could not be claimed, but he would definitely try to bring in basic changes in order to rein in corruption and arbitrary action by fixing accountability.

“I have already set a deadline that by next session, full academic calendar with details of admissions, exams and result publication, must be made available to students. People tell me that for over three years, degrees have not been awarded. Convocations must be held every year for timely award of degrees. The convocation dress has also been changed to Indian costume from the British era gown,” he added.

In case of delay, responsibility must be fixed, as students cannot be made to suffer for delayed results or degrees.

“Today, India is a big power due to rapid development. A number of poverty alleviation schemes have resulted in more opportunities for the weaker sections. Now, financial constraint cannot come in the way of talented students wanting to pursue higher education. There is no dearth of resources. But, it is a fact that some states are still struggling in the field of education. I will also get feedback from the VCs,” he added.

Tandon said all stakeholders would have to understand that higher education was meant to equip future generations with the merit to suit job requirements. “The main objective is to create confidence in both the teacher and the taught. Students must be brought to campuses. In some colleges, there are teachers, but no students, while in others it is the other way round. I am looking into all aspects,” the chancellor said.

On complaints of delayed salary to teachers, he said, “Once the digital system is in place, salary will be directly disbursed into bank accounts without delay. I have issued direction for restoring financial discipline and encourage digitisation. I want to see some perceptible change.”

First Published: Sep 19, 2018 14:51 IST

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