The Pancake Story Review: A sweet tale

A walk in at the place name here will prove that love comes in many shapes and sizes, writes Nikita Wadhawan

The moment you enter this eatery you are greeted with a strong whiff of fresh sweet pancakes and waffles.The warm blue interiors and some interesting quotes on the walls, make this place more than just a take away outlet. Unlike its name, The Pancake Story offers more than just pancakes, you also have the option of some unique nachos, crepe, waffles and milkshakes.With a varied menu options, it will not be easy to pick a favourite at one go.

A mini goodness

Staying true to the name we started off with their speciality, mini pancakes. The ‘Caramel Castle’ (Rs. 150) is your traditional pancake with maple syrup topped with fresh bananas. It is a perfect start for people who don’t like to eat deserts which are extremely sweet, the banana as gives an added freshness to the mundane pancake.Since it is the festive season they have also added a strawberry special menu, till the season lasts. The ‘Strawberrytella’ (RS. 230) consist of pancakes topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberry and Nutella.The loads of fresh whipped cream when combined with fresh strawberries maintains the sweetness and sourness. Would highly recommend it, have it while you can. For Oreo lovers this is a must have, the ‘Oreo Obsession’ (Rs. 180) is pancakes covered with dark-white chocolate sprinkled with Oreo crumbs. Last on our pancake list was the ‘Chocolate Volcano’ which is pancakes covered with dark-milk-white chocolate sprinkled with almond flakes. It failed to match up to the other pancakes, was also missing some fruity freshness but definitely would not negate it. There are 12 mini-pancakes in each serve, there are no added flavours in the pancake batter, it is all in the toppings.

Crumbly waffels, served with fresh toppings (just like pancakes)

A soft crisp triangle

For those who prefer a waffle over a pancake, can avail all the pancake flavours in waffle as well. After so much of pancakey goodness, I completely forgot that they offer other dishes as well. We tried the ‘Speckled Berries’ (Rs. 170) in waffle format, it had a fresh waffle with blueberry compote, cream cheese topped with white chocolate drizzles. The waffle failed in comparison to the pancakes, was half expecting some fresh berries but instead it had a blackberry jelly. The white chocolate drizzle and cream cheese madeit very sweet, though the waffles are sweet, crunchy yet soft and glistening golden texture.It was served in a paper wrap which means that you can just carry the waffle and walk home. They also offer crepe in all the flavours. The creps are freshly made wraps and all the toppings that are offered on the pancakes and waffle are inserted in the wrap.We tried the ‘Signature Snickers’ (Rs. 270), it consist of caramel, peanut butter, dark milk chocolate with ice-cream and chucks of snickers. The crepe was a bit too sweet for my taste and was missing the fresh fruits again. Although if I had to choose between a waffle and a crepe, the latter would get my vote.

Nutella shake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Nachos and shakes

If you are wondering what are nachos doing in a desert restaurant, you are not alone. We tried the ‘Chocolate Bomb’ (Rs. 250) which has sweet nachos with dark and milk chocolate topped with banana slices, brownie chucks, ice-cream and chocolate sprinkles. Before you start imagining spicy nachos with chocolate and ice-cream, stop. It is actually the ice-cream cone masking as nachos.The dish is actually a disintegrated ice-cream. An intriguing idea, a treat for chocolate lovers and does deserve a try. After hogging on the sweet dishes we decided to move on to the shakes. Unlike the pancakes, there are only three options in shakes. We tried the ‘Nuts over Nutella’ (Rs. 225) shake which is a thick shake topped with moderately sweet whipped cream.The shake has lots of Nutella and is quite thick. I’m sure just a sip of it will make you crave for more. It is served in a Nutella cup and looked quite sinfuland heavy but was actually quite light. For those who might feel over loaded on sweetness can also try some cold or hot tea and coffee.

And to top it off

The ambience is very cool and inviting. They also have some unique writings on the walls which can help you pass your time while you await your order. Although the space seemed a bit small for large gatherings, the kids and the adults will have a sinful time. With your order you notice a tiny flag with a message which has been choses especially by the manager for you. So do look for your special flag. Since there offer varied variety of toppings you can customise them as per your liking and can even see them being made fresh as per your liking. Also, for those who are pure vegetarian and even avoid eggs can also eat here. The pancake, waffle and crepe batter is made without eggs but it still doesn’t lose its deliciousness.

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