Hymn to Silence and Surrender-2

Give away everything. The hands, the ones that have been giving everything away, give them away. With what? It doesn’t matter. Don’t think, just give the hands away. And then the giving…give that away…let it all go. This body? Let it go. Give it away. This mind? Away. These eyes…away… become blind. These ears…gone…now deaf. Without eyes, there is only Silence. Without ears, there is only Silence. This is what we see and hear when all is given away.

If what you want is freedom, if what you want is to be awake, then surrender all. Surrender your arrogance, and your humility. Surrender yourself, and what is not yourself. Surrender your ignorance and your knowledge, surrender even surrender. When you cannot give anymore, when you are at the very end, the absolute end, when all has been given up, given away, surrendered, even then, take one more step towards Silence.

When there is only emptiness, give away the emptiness. When you have given away so much there is only death, give death away. Give everything away. Hold nothing. Do not accumulate anything. Give it away. Desires? Nothing but thoughts. Let them go. Insults? Give away the righteous burning of pride and vanity. Anything that remains is in the way, so give it away. Let it go. It wants to go. Everything wants to go on its way. Don’t hold them back. Let them go.

Hear a mallet on a drumhead. Hear it? There is the initial thud, and then a moment or two of reverberation. Then it is gone. Do not hold the sound in your mind. If you do, you won’t hear the next rhythmic beat. You will only hear what has already happened. If what has already happened is not released, you will only hear the echoes of concepts, of memory. You will not hear the music of Silence, of life. And without this music, we become sad and lonely. Let everything go. Nothing remains when the giver is given away, the self is given away, thoughts are given away, words are given away, resistance is given away and even Will is given away. Nothing remains. Only Silence.


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