Here and Beyond by Rashmi – Review

Book: Here And Beyond 
Author: Rashmi
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 191; Price: Rs 399

Undeniably, since our inception on this earth we are haunted by certain existential questions. Therefore, we remain engaged in a perpetual pursuit of unravelling the conundrum about the existence of soul. Rich in anecdotes Here And Beyond by Rashmi is not only a soul-stirring account about the existence and evolution of soul, but also teaches lessons in moral edification. These lessons enable us to cope with the everyday challenges of life.

Without dwelling upon blind faith, the writer presents the premise that some mysterious power governs this universe. But unlike Thomas Hardy, the author has no intention to hold divinity in dock. This divine power embodies the idea of fair justice and never derives sadistic pleasures over man’s predicament. It is the law of karma that catches up with everybody. Thus, the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

While expounding on the evolution of soul, like many religious philosophies, this book also articulates that every soul on this earth is on a journey. On the basis of its present karmic health, it has to undergo a set of corrective treatments. Once the human soul successfully unlearns the vicious and learns the virtuous, it mingles with the Over-soul and becomes Paramatma. But, this process of attaining oneness with the supreme soul is not a cakewalk. Umpteen stumbling blocks attempt to thwart man’s elevation. This catch-22 situation in which we have got entangled, reminds us of Wordsworth, a mystic poet, who also laments this sorry state of man in his poem The World Is Too Much With Us. At one with the mystic poet, Rashmi rightly remarks, “sadly, these days internal happiness counts for less, and being wealthy, powerful, or famous, counts for more”.

Unfortunately, achieving supremacy in worldly matters has become the alpha and omega of man’s life. The author believes that a complete “cleansing process” is the exigency of the hour. And this prerequisite process for the self-realisation and holistic well-being can only be initiated once one accepts that “there is a problem”.

The right diagnosis drawn from “an all rounded analysis” can rid the man of his psychic ailments. William James, an American psychologist, pertinently says, “the greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes”.

As every saint has a past, so has every sinner a future. Although these days there is a glut of self help books but most of them fail to carve their niche yet Here And Beyond is sure to gain wider acceptability because of innumerable reasons. Without breaking the chain of thoughts, the writer skillfully erects the pyramid of the book. Real life anecdotes, laced with familiar characters, lend the work the quality of originality and plausibility. Thus, the book is not preachy.

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