New Delhi : Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday fired second question at Narendra Modi on sinking the Gujarat Government with heavy debt.

In a tweet, he narrated how the condition of Gujarat had deteriorated with the state government’s debt shooting up 26 times in 22 years since 1995.

“Gujarat had a debt of Rs 9,183 crore in 1995 that has now shot up to Rs 2,41,000 crore in 2017 while translates as a debt of Rs 37,000 on each Gujarati,” Rahul said on his Twitter handle. “Why should people of Gujarat pay for your financial mismanagement and publicity,” he asked.

The Congress on Thursday tweeted on how Modi had stooped down to a low level forgetting that he holds the office of the Prime Minister. “PM Modi’s Gujarat campaign and his desperate, last-ditch efforts have taken the form of lies, cheap rhetoric and attacks on past present Congress leaders; a reflection of BJP’s unease over repercussions of their economic blunders,” it tweeted.

Slamming him for going “behind the veil of blatant lies and false propaganda,” the Congress said BJP has a lot to answer for 22 years of misrule in Gujarat, “but strangely on his desperate campaign trail, the PM has made no mention of his Gujarat Model!”

In another tweet, the Congress said: “The planted controversy over Rahul Gandhi’s entry in Somnath Temple’s register is yet another attempt to distract the public from the real issues under this govt.”

Meanwhile, the Congress busted seven claims made by PM Modi in course of his election campaign in Gujarat, stating on Twitter that “we are back with our lie-tracker, where we refute lies spewed by PM Modi BJP on a daily basis.”

The first lie the Congress had already trashed on Wednesday itself that Rahul signed the Somnath temple register in the non-Hindu column. Reality, it said, is that “there is only one visitor’s book at Somnath Temple that was signed by Rahul Gandhi…and all other images being circulated are fabricated by the BJP.”

On the claim of no riots in Gujarat post Modi become the PM, the Congress fielded reality of Dalits attacks by Gau akshaks in 2016 in Una Kand and 12 innocent Patidars killed in Surat in 2016.

On Modi’s charge that Congress delayed Narmada project, the Congress said shame on BJP that only 20.8% canal network constructed in 22 years while 17 districts of Saurashtra and Kutch still facing severe water crisis.

On the claim that BJP’s vision is for next 100 years and not election-centric, reality is that winter session delayed due to Gujarat elections and 26 cabinet ministers and a dozen MPs relocated to Gujarat (by BJP) for campaigning, the Congress underlined.

On the claim that BJP acts in the interest of farmers and “by 2022, we will double the income of farmers,” the Congress said the reality is 42% rise in the farmer suicides between 2014 and 2015, less than 10% procurement of crops this Kharif season, Gujarat groundnut farmers losing Rs 1000 for every quintal of crop and payment of 55 lakh active MNREGA workers frozen.

On the charge that “Congress governments were anti-Gujarat,” the Congress shows the reality of its contributions: Amul cooperative model, mid-day meal scheme, Ukai Dam, Surat, IIM Ahmedabad, ISRO and global diamond trade market in Surat.


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