Guiding Light Within

There is a guiding consciousness, a searchlight, within every being’s heart. Not only do men and women have this searchlight, but animals also have the presence of this guiding light. Even the force of magnetism vividly displays the presence of this guiding light.

Even the force of magnetism vividly displays the presence of this guiding light. This light is eternal. Happiness and unhappiness are the result of it. Whenever and wherever you do some unworthy action, immediately this light tells you very silently that what you have done is not good; and consequently, you become unhappy, sad and miserable. This guiding light is sad-guru (sad means eternally existing, and guru means light). It is God himself who is radiating in the form of “I-Am” in every heart. The nearer you are to this guiding light, the more happy you are. The farther you are to this guiding light, the farther you are from being happy.

There you are, there is the universe around you and the unknown force governing both you and the universe. You may call it by any name. You may call it either God or Jehovah or Brahman or Allah. It always remains the unknown. This unknown force is manifested in you as your inner conscience, the witness, the searchlight, the guiding light. You may call this light by any name. It guides your life. What is the missing link between you, the universe, the unknown force and the inner guiding light? The missing link is the outer guiding light, the outer Guru, who tells you how to realize your inner Guru, because without understanding the inner Guru, nobody can overcome the sorrow, suffering, misery and the various ups and downs of life.

Although everybody has the inner Guru, everybody is not able to interpret and translate his speech, because he is speaking silently. To understand this inner Guru we need the outer Guru. When you can understand the speech of the inner Guru, then you do not need the outer Guru. Reality is pure consciousness, pure awareness, in you, in the world, in the unknown force, in your inner Guru and in the outer Guru.

The above is excerpted from an essay written at Ananda Ashram on the occasion of Guru-Purnima Day, July 2, 1985.

Copyright © 2004, Baba Bhagavandas Publication Trust, Monroe, NY

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