Fantastic Fries and where to find them

Join SNEHA SINGH and SHIKHA JAIN as they embark on mission ‘Fantastic Fries and Where to Find Them’

Keep your friends close and your fries closer” – Anonymous

These lines will make sense to every French fries’ lover on earth. After all, those deep-fried potato sticks, despite being nasty for health, are also the source of pure joy. Greasy, juicy, tangy, sweet and salty – this fast food is getting tastier and more innovative by the day.

Surely the original creators of French fries, which originated not in France but in Belgium in the late 1600s, could never have foreseen their popularity! Incidentally, it was during World War I, that American soldiers stationed in Belgium nicknamed the fried potato chips ‘French Fries’, as French was the Belgian army’s official language.

This is how French fries made their way to America and the rest is history. Besides chocolates, French fries have the unerring potential to uplift a bad mood. (Now you know what you have to do when you hit the blues, thank us later!)

Every year on July 13, Americans commemorate National French Fries Day in honour of their beloved junk food. Fact is, we Indians are equally fanatical about our all-time favourite fries. This anniversary, we have made your hunt for French fries nirvana easier by scouting out some of the hottest fries to tuck into across the city…

Truffle and Parmesan Fries – KODE
The humble French fries receive a boost of class at this outlet in Lower Parel. A combination of earthy, nutty truffles and potato, the hot and crispy fries come sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. A definite must-have!

Chicken Popcorn Fries – The J

Chicken Popcorn Fries – The J

Visit any of The J outlets across the city to nibble on the Chicken Popcorn Fries. An ode to chicken lovers, your taste buds are tantalised by the crunchy fries along with mustard sauce and cheese sauce.

Animal Style Fries – 145 Café Bar

Animal Style Fries – 145 Café Bar

Bored of the same old fries served with typical tomato sauce and mayo? Head to this cosy Kala Ghoda outlet for fries topped with cheese, caramelised onion and Sriracha, a type of Chinese sauce. Sit back and let the flavours burst in your mouth. Sumptuous and pocket-friendly, these are perfect to satiate the FF junkie in you.

Alien Fries and Maggie Fries – UFO

Alien Fries and Maggie Fries – UFO

Satisfy your curiosity and your taste pangs with these innovative fries’ combos. Jalapeños, cream cheese and hot and spicy Chipotle sauce add interest to the Alien fries, while the Maggie version comes served in a cone topped with crisp lashings of our beloved Maggie noodles!

Cheesy Fries – Alfredo’s

Cheesy Fries –Alfredo’s

For those who like their fries cheesy and sticky, tuck into these mouthwatering spears drenched in authentic cheese topped with oregano and chilli flakes. If you prefer your happiness the good ol’ classic way, this cheese ‘n’ fries combo is bound to hit the spot.

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