Concentration and Insight

From the teachings of Luangpor Teean

The teachings of all the teachers in the world are like the leaves in a forest. There are a very few teachings that we can use as medicine. You don’t need the entire tree as medicine. When you practise meditation and get insight, you should take only those things that will not make the mind suffer.

You should take only those things that can extinguish suffering at its source and can destroy delusion. You should take only the most important part of the teaching. When I say take the heart of the teaching, I am talking about becoming aware. We have to be aware of ourselves. Out mind has to be steady and we need to have complete knowledge. When a thought arises, you should look at it, know it, understand it in every manner, and know how to prevent it from deceiving you.

According to Lord Buddha’s teachings, there are many procedures to cure suffering. You should choose one of them with mindfulness and wisdom. What you should understand in practicing Dhamma is ‘calmness’.

There are two kinds of calmness:
1. Concentration (samatha practice) is calmness without the liberating knowledge. It is calmness under the power of delusion.

2. Insight (vipassana practice) is calmness that you clearly know, really know, clearly see and really see. You can practise this kind of meditation while you are working, sitting, eating or doing anything whatsoever. There is absolutely no need for you to have to stay still. However, you should definitely know the movement of the body and the mind every moment. When the body moves, feel it; when the mind moves, know it. The movement of the mind is what we understand as a thought. As soon as thought arises, you should know it, understand it, and manage to conquer it.

Make it a point to practice this continuously until you achieve total awareness: you will have the knowledge that liberates. You will see, you will know, you will understand. Practising correctly means seeing, knowing, understanding by and in yourself, a knowledge and understanding that cannot come from anyone else. When you practise correctly, the not-knowing just disappears while the knowledge that liberates appears in its place; stupidity disappears and wisdom will immediately replace it; darkness and unhappiness disappear while brightness and calmness will be there instead.

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