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Artist Paresh Maity grew up in Tamluk, a small coastal town 100 kilometres off Kolkata. “Lakes, water boats and the smell of the sea were an important part of my work during my Tamluk days,” says Maity, from his Delhi home as a Bengali song plays softly in the background. Through his latest exhibition, “Symphony of Silence”, at Mumbai’s Art Musings gallery, the 48-year-old explores the connection he enjoys with the sea and talks about finding a new expression for his art.

Maity believes his previous work was more subtle. But every artist continuously evolves, he says. “Take Picasso, his work evolved every day, each minute. It is most crucial for an artist to never step into his comfort zone,” he says. His current work on display at the gallery is bolder and more vivid. “It was a spontaneous transition; my work started becoming more stark, more minimalist,”

says Maity.

What helped the transition was Maity’s love for travel. After graduating from Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, and then getting a master’s degree from Delhi College of Art, his work took him to other parts of the country. His paintings show the dramatic colours and costumes of Rajasthan; the silence at the banks of the Ganga in Varanasi; and even capture the mysticism of Venice. “Every city has a different inspiration to offer. I spent days in Benares, just walking around or sitting on the banks. It has the most serene atmosphere,” he says.

Maity also recalls spending months in Venice with his easel and paint. “Venice’s waters are magical. They show you double images of the city through reflection. So I took notes and drew sketches, then would come back to the studio and paint some more,” he recalls. “These cities and spaces helped me move into newer forms of my own art. They were my real education,” he says.

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