Bhopal: Why doesn’t government impart skill development in pakoda making, ask job aspirants

Bhopal: If we have to open paan outlets, pakoda shops and poultry farms, what is the use of getting educational degrees spending money and time, said government job aspirants, reacting sharply on Tripura chief minister Biplab Dev’s remark.

Addressing a programme, Deb had said “The youth here run after political parties for several years to get a government job and waste the vital time of their life, had the same youth instead of running after parties set up a paan shop he would have by now had a bank balance of Rs 5 lakhs.”

Talking to free Press, student and aspirants preparing for competitive examinations for government jobs said such remarks by political leaders demoralise them. Excerpts:

Avinash Kumar, Govt job aspirant

The government should start skill development centres that impart training in making pakodas and animal husbandry as students preparing for govt jobs are not skilled in these fields. MPs And MLAs should distribute karahis (frying pan) and edible oils with free gas connections in their respective constituencies instead of laptops. Special pakoda zones are also required to be set up in each district. Right from 10th standard courses should be started in self employment providing necessary practical skills, but then farmers will get tough competition from the students.

Asma Khan, student 

They are insulting youths by passing such irrational statement. In fact, by saying this, the government wants to hide their failure. Who are they to suggest or advice this. Rather ensuring jobs, they are passing such comments. It is pathetic and ridiculous. Even they have reduced the job opportunities by increasing the retirement age. They don’t want youths to come in politics and administration.

Nikita Agrawal

CAT aspirant If we have to open Paan or poultry or Pakoda shops, whatis the use of getting educational qualifications by spending money and time. They are demoralising youths passing such statements. If the minister honestly wants to motivate youth to go towards private sector, they should place good example of people who have achieved in the sector. Instead of coming up with positive statements that there are better opportunities to grow in private sector as well, they are giving such demotivating statements.

Amit Kushwaha, student

It is foolish statement. It is an individual choice that what youth wants do or not? The political leaders have no right to tell what one has to do. It shows the failure of government to provide jobs. I don’t think so that any works is small or big but what is use of degree if we don’t get a job?

What UPSC qualifiers have to say on the CM’s comment…

Pranav Dubey

Every individual is free to profess any profession. Our Constitution itself provides this right. One has to hear to his own conscience instead of looking outward to the view of any other individual.

Garima Agrawal

I don’t see anything wrong in it. In this way, the government is making an unorganised sector a organised one. We should always have backup plans or keep options open rather than preparing for government jobs for long time. Now, we have lot of options available. Of course, I won’t open a paan or pakoda shop as it doesn’t match with my educational qualification. But had I not been selected for civil services, then I would have opted for private sector.

Aviral Sharma

First of all, I am not aware of the statement of the minister, so I can’t comment on it. I think we should use the opportunity what we have but ultimately it is an individual choice what one wants to do. It is also true that if we don’t pay tax from where will the government generate revenue. And if the adequate revenue is not generated, how will the government create jobs

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