Former Miss India chased on road: ‘Bikers kept smiling and harassing me… it’s shocking’

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ushoshi sengupta, ushoshi sengupta news, ushoshi sengupta uber, ushoshi sengupta harrashed, ushoshi sengupta video, ushoshi sengupta kolkata, Indian express Ushoshi Sengupta was ‘harassed’ on Kolkata streets on Monday night. (Twitter)

Actor Ushoshi Sengupta, who has been receiving massive support on social media after her Facebook post narrating her ordeal of being allegedly chased by a gang of bikers in Kolkata on Monday night, said she was “shocked to see the fearlessness of the bikers as they kept smiling while harassing me”.

“How can these boys be so fearless as if no one will take action against them? They were smiling while harassing me and my cab driver. I love this city (Kolkata), but what I saw on Monday night was scary. I have the privilege because I am a former Miss India and now I am getting all the support. But imagine how tough it must be for common girls,” 30-year-old Sengupta, who was crowned Miss India Universe in 2010, told reporters on Wednesday.

“Last night absolutely shook me. This is not the Kolkata, I came back to; not the Kolkata I left my flourishing career outside to come back and live. I represented Kolkata and won the title of Miss India. I represent this city. I represent this county. I stand up for every girl, every citizen who is scared to live in this situation,” Sengupta had written in a Facebook post that went viral. In the post, which has been shared by over 17,000 people till Wednesday night, she had narrated her ordeal.

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“We were taking a left turn from the Exide Crossing towards Elgin (Road) when some of the boys in a bike without wearing any helmet came and hit the Uber cab (in which she and her colleague were travelling)…. They stopped the bike and started yelling at the driver. Suddenly, there were 15 boys and they started banging the car window and pulling the driver out. They dragged the driver out and started beating him up. This is when I stepped out and started shouting taking a video of the incident. I ran across the street to Maidan Police station, I saw an officer standing and I requested him to come with me. He told me that area was not under his jurisdiction… I begged them to come… The officers came and caught hold of the boys… The boys pushed the police officers and ran away,” read her Facebook post. She had also attached the video of the incident.

According to her, two police officers from Bhawanipore police station came around 12 am, but then she decided to take up the matter with the police the next day, and requested the driver to drop them home safely. But the ordeal continued as six boys on three bikes reappeared and started following the cab near the Lake Gardens area in south Kolkata.

“They stopped my car, threw stones and dragged me out and tried to break my phone to delete the video… I managed to telephone my dad and my sister at my residence in the next lane when they escaped,” she said.

The actor also alleged that officers at the nearby Charu Market Police Station refused to take any complaint and advised her to, instead, approach the Bhawanipore Police Station.

“At 1:30 am, there was no woman police officer at the police station. After raising a lot of questions the officer took my complaint but refused to take the cab driver’s complaint saying that two FIRs can’t be lodged for the same incident,” read her post.

“Firstly, if you are getting mobbed, violated, molested or even killed, please be assured about the jurisdiction of the police station before running to them. Because even if it is 100 metre away from your spot and not under the police jurisdiction, chances are very rare they will come and help. Secondly, how does 15 boys without helmet have such ease to beat up the driver and break the car… What I realised was that it was a way to extract money from the driver… Thirdly, even if the mob is beating the driver if you step out and raise a voice you will be attacked too. To help others and stand up is a scary thing to do,” read her post.

Article source: https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/kolkata/ushoshi-sengupta-former-miss-india-bikers-kolkata-5789449/


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