Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Vote for BJP will give me strength to end terrorism, says…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that the country expressed faith in the Congress after independence, but the party spent more than five decades in the service of one family. “All this while, there was a grave injustice to the country’s capability and resources. Smaller countries that became independent with us have left us behind in development,” he said at an election rally in Chittorgarh.

Expressing his condolences for the people killed in Sri Lanka in bomb explosions in church and hotels , the PM said when people will vote for the lotus symbol, it will give him strength to take on terrorism.

“When you go to vote and press the lotus symbol, you should know that you are pressing the button for end to terrorism. You have power in your finger. You will press lotus symbol, I will get strength to finish terrorism,” he said in Chittorgarh on Sunday.

The PM asked the audience if they wanted an India that could give a strong reply to terrorists or an India that sits back quietly after a terror attack. “Do you want an India that can give a befitting reply to Pakistan, or an India that bends before Pakistan?” he asked the people.

Modi said, “Each and every vote of yours will make a strong government in India. Rajasthan in 2014 with all its strength installed this chowkidar in Delhi. This time all records should break. Sab ki sab seat to aayegi hi, lekin margin badhna chahiye (We will win all seats all right but we should win them with higher margin).”

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Addressing the first-time voters, Modi said it is their responsibility to make a new India.

Urging people to vote for him, the PM said, “Desh me jo lahar chal rahi hai wo Rajasthan me bhi dikh rahi hai (the wave that is sweeping the country can be seen in Rajasthan as well).”

“The turnout today is a witness to what the mood of Rajputana Mewar is,” he said, adding, “I got an opportunity to serve Rajasthan because of your support for 5 years I am here to express my gratitude for this, and I am also here to seek your blessings to serve you more.”

Attacking Congress, Modi said for decades after Independence, the country expressed faith in the Congress but this Congress spent more than five decades in the service of one family. “All this while, there was grave injustice to the country’s capability and resources. Smaller countries that became independent with us have left us behind in development,” he said.

Talking about Rahul Gandhi’s promise of farm loan waiver within 10 days in Rajasthan, Modi said, “These people have been lying to the country for seven decades. There’s only three truths in Congress: namdaar parivar (dynasty), bhrashtachar (corruption) aur jhoote wado ki bharmaar (plenty of false promises),” he said.

He said the BJP government made ‘skill, scale and speed’ the basis of its work. “We win people’s faith by giving an account of every single penny and every moment spent in power,” he said, adding that in one day of NDA government 70,000 free gas connections were provided under PM Ujjwala Yojana, 50,000 houses got electrified under Saubhagya Yojna 2 lakh Jan Dhan bank accounts were opened, more than 100,000 entrepreneurs were given loans without bank guarantee under Mudra Yojna, more than 11,000 houses were built under PM Avas Yojana, more than 60,000 toilets were constructed under Swachh Bharat Mission, 120,000 farmers got soil health card, 9-10,000 people got free treatment under AYUSHMAN Bharat Yojana.

Modi promised a ‘Jal Shakti Mantralaya’ to provide drinking water using technology to link rivers, make sea water drinkable and taking rainwater to households. “In last 5 years, we have worked day in and day out to take electricity to every household. Similarly, in next 5 years we will work to take water to every doorstep,” he said.

Addressing a meeting in Barmer, Modi said he was willing to sacrifice his dreams for the dreams of the youth who will vote for the first time in Lok Sabha election this time. “You will enter polling booths with the dreams of a new India. I want to tell you I am willing to sacrifice my dreams for yours. Your dreams are mine,” he said. Modi said for the first-time LS voters, this election is very important. “Those who have been born in the 21st century will vote for a strong government.”

Rajasthan Congress vice president Archana Sharma said, “BJP has always been levelling allegations without any facts.” On Modi’s statement that Congress did benefits to farmers, Sharma said the fact is that on February 7, a portal was made in which 20.72 lakh applications from the farmers were received for loan waiver. “Aadhaar seeding of 17.02 lakh farmers has been done and 15.68 lakh farmers have been awarded the loan waiver certificate.”

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