In Rajasthan government’s English medium schools, more applicants, limited seats

With the newly established Mahatma Gandhi English medium government schools in Rajasthan receiving more applications for admissions than the available seats, students wait for their turn with fingers crossed.

A Mahatma Gandhi government English medium school has been established in each of the 33 districts in the state. The admission process in the schools started on June 18 and the session began on July 1.

One school per district can enrol up to 30-35 students per class, which presently has single sections due to the lack of space, as per the district education officers.

Even as the seats are limited, the number of admission applications is as high as 150 in several districts. The admissions are, therefore, being carried out through a lottery system.

“We have got a very good response in terms of admissions and 30 seats in each class are filled up in the first phase of the admission process itself. However, we are clueless as to where do we accommodate the students from rest of the applications. We are trying our best to enrol more number of students and will try to accommodate five more students in each class but lack of space is still a problem,” said Mukesh Kirad, additional district education officer, Alwar.

The seats as per the space have also been filled up for Mahatma Gandhi Government School in Jaipur, where more than 400 applications were received for admissions in various classes.

The school administration said that the classes might have to be conducted in two shifts due to the excess number of applications in comparison to the space available specially for Class 1 and Class 6 for which the admissions cannot be denied. “We do not have space to accommodate all the students who have applied for admissions. If the applications keep coming in specially for class 1 and class 6 we will have to conduct school in two shifts. One for 7 am to 12.30 pm and the other for 12.30 pm to 6 pm. Space is one problem that we are encountering for admissions in class 1 and class 6,” said Anu Chaoudhary, principal of Mahatma Gandhi Governmnet School, Mansarovar, Jaipur.

Looking at the number of applications, the number of sections in certain English medium schools in Sikar and Barmer districts have been increased to two.

However, officials said that the number seems to be still less, given the number of applications and eagerness among the guardians.

Dalu Ram Chaudhary, district education officer, Barmer said that since the school was getting excess of the applications, the problem was reported to senior officials as the number of sections has been increased to two which has give a scope of more admission but the number of application will still be excess.

Mukesh Kumar Mehta, district education officer, Sikar, said that the guardians of the students are eager to avail of the opportunity and therefore applications are still coming in despite the start of the session.

“It is very difficult to accommodate everyone even after the sections in each class have been increased to two, however, the school staff is trying their best to tackle the issue,” said Mehta.

Education minister Govind Singh Dotasra said that the number of sections can be increased in the schools which have space and other facilities.

“The issue will be dealt positively and looking at the overwhelming response that we are getting for the schools, the sections will increased wherever we have space and other facilities available,” Dotasra said.

First Published:
Jul 09, 2019 13:22 IST

Article source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/jaipur/in-rajasthan-government-s-english-medium-schools-more-applicants-limited-seats/story-YiLuJWKAEE2RVsXaUWyoMJ.html


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