Congress, BJP in war of words over ‘Jauhar’

A war of words took place between the Congress and the BJP on a change in the cover page of Class 8 textbook.

A picture depicting ‘Jauhar’ on the cover page of Class 8 textbook is removed and picture of a fort is printed in its place, Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasra informed on Tuesday.

Jauhar is generally viewed as the Hindu custom of mass self-immolation by women in parts of the Indian subcontinent to avoid capture, enslavement and rape by any foreign invaders, when facing certain defeat in a war.

Referring to the printed picture, Dotasar said, “The picture depicted on the book cover said that our sisters, mothers and daughter take birth to observe Jauhar. What are we trying to teach our daughters? Are we trying to teach what is prohibited as per law?”

“I believe it was the narrow mindedness of the BJP government and its leaders due to which good things could not reach children,” he added.

Responding to Dotasra’s comment, former BJP MLA Diya Kumari in a tweet said that the Congress government has insulted the golden history of Rajasthan by changes in the syllabus. “By changing the syllabus, Congress government firstly insulted Veer Savarkar ji, now symbol of bravery Maharana

Pratap and Rani Sati who was the biggest example of satitva; it is an insult to the golden history of our land of bravery Rajasthan,” tweeted Kumari.

Dostasra responded to Kumari’s tweet saying that the BJP government made education department a laboratorty. “Maharani ji, Maharana Pratap was great and will always be and we have worked on writing syllabus (about him) in a better way. As far as Savarkar ji is concerned the committee of educationists has made the changes as per evidence in the pages of the history. As far as Rani Sati is concerned, we cannot teach our little girls to perform Jauhar since it is banned in India as per law. Rajasthan had a golden history before you and me existed and will be after us too, the only difference is that the BJP government made education department a laboratory and made changes according to their whims and fancies which are now being corrected,” tweeted Dotasra.

First Published:
May 15, 2019 17:36 IST

Article source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/jaipur/congress-bjp-in-war-of-words-over-jauhar/story-jAGJEuI0vMUnBWSnU4UbpM.html


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