Man who killed three Nepali labourers, chopped off their genitals arrested



A 32-year-old man accused of murdering three Nepalese men was arrested from Pithoragarh district’s Munsiyari, police said on Thursday. The accused, after murdering the three, had mutilated their genitals, said police.

The gruesome incident happened in Jajardewal area of the district on October 25 but came to light on October 26 following which police registered a case.

Accused Dhan Bahadur Bora, also a Nepalese citizen, was on the run since the incident. The three deceased were identified as Kashi Bora, 38, Harish Bora, 37 and Biruah Bora, 27.

“Dhan Bahadur was arrested from Munsiyari on Wednesday after police had received inputs that he was hiding there. As per the tip-off, police rounded him up at a place where he was waiting for a vehicle to flee,” said RC Rajguru, superintendent of police, Pithoragarh.

After nabbing him, police also found a bag carried by him in which there were blood stained clothes inside it.

During the interrogation, he confessed to the crime and said all the three were known to him. On the reason behind the murders, he said it all started after an altercation between him and two of the deceased; Harish and Kashi over an issue related to Harish’s wife.

“He said on October 25, while working in Munsiyari as a labourer, he met Biruah, who too hailed from his village in Nepal. He asked him to join him to his house in Jajardewal to spend the night along with Kashi and Harish as the three used to live together in a rented accommodation. He agreed and went to his house,” said Rajguru.

On reaching there, he met the other two; Kashi and Harish. After greeting them, he asked Harish about his wife to which he replied that a few days ago she had left for Nepal and is not picking his calls after that.

“On this, Dhanbahadur taunted him by saying ‘What kind of a man you are who can’t control his wife? Earlier also he she had eloped with someone to Delhi.’ This enraged Harish who then indulged in an argument with him. Meanwhile, Kashi also joined Harish as his (Harish) wife was his distant relative. On seeing the argument escalating, Biruah somehow separated the three by meddling between them,” added Rajguru.

The four then cooked meat and drank on that night.

“While they were having dinner, Kashi and Harish again abused him. Suddenly, Harish slapped him twice and used a cuss word about his sexual life which gravely enraged him as that word is considered highly insulting in Nepalese culture. Biruah again separated the two and then took him to his room,” said the official.

While they were resting there, Harish came there abusing and sat in front of Dhanbahadur. Meanwhile Biruah went out to attend nature’s call.

“The two again entered into an altercation in which Harish, who was in an inebriated condition, tried to attack him with a machete kept in the room. Dhan Bahadur who was alert, dodged the move and attacked him with a stone causing him to collapse on the ground.

Hearing his cries, Kashi, who was in other room, rushed there and tried to attack him with a pan but failed. Dhan Bahadur then attacked him too with the stone,” said Rajguru.

Both were then writhing in pain on the ground. Dhan Bahadur then killed them by attacking both with the machete. Meanwhile, Biruah also came back and on seeing the two dead, ran towards him to attack him.

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Nov 01, 2019 03:32 IST

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