Women power to the fore in city police stations

Gone are the days when the mention of the word police inspector would bring to mind the picture of a burly looking man with handlebar moustache.

Over the past two years, the city has seen an increase in the number of women police inspectors at stations and this is expected to bring a change in policing.

According to statistics provided by the city police, prior to March 2017, the number of women law and order inspectors in the city was just two. At present, there are eight women inspectors. The number of women crime inspectors has increased from 14 to 49.

“There were no women inspectors in the Intelligence section earlier, now there are two and in the Central Crime Branch, their strength has increased from three to 12. Besides, the 35 All Women Police stations have women inspectors. Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan encourages women to take up role of inspectors rather than stick to desk jobs,” said a senior police officer.

‘Adhering to law’

Former IPS officer G. Thilagavathy said professionally women police are trained like their male counterparts. “As the number of women inspectors increases, policing will also become better. They go by the law and respect human rights. So the rough handling of suspects will reduce,” she said.

According to officials, in 1999-2000, the first batch of women sub-inspectors were recruited for the formation of district-wise women’s wing.

In 2004, the second batch for law and order sub-inspectors were recruited.

However, there were not many vacancies. Now many of the male inspectors have been promoted as Assistant Commissioners and many have retired. Hence the direct women sub-inspectors were promoted in 2016, officials said.

Training is the same

Inspector A. Alamelu, law and order, Chennai Fort police station, said their training for the women is same as it is for men.

“Women can be more efficient in maintaining law and order. A male gangster’s ego gets hurt if he get hits by us. Hence, they obey us,” she claims.

K. Porkodi, law and order inspector, Ambattur, said that more women should be given duties at main stations. “Earlier, women were reluctant due to family pressure. Now we are very confident and get support from our families. We can work like our male counterparts. Besides even in criminal cases, women can gather intelligence easily as they are good in communication,” she added.

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