‘Why can’t a fresher come into politics?’

Pattali Makkal Katchi’s (PMK) Chennai Central candidate S.R. Sam Paul, who will be contesting against DMK’s Dayanidhi Maran this Lok Sabha election, claims he will defeat his opponent by a huge margin. In an early morning interview before heading out for his campaign, he said people want a politician who is accessible and someone who is not corrupt. Excerpts:

People here are angry with corrupt politicians. When I visit slums people walk up to me and say they want good education. Currently, many children here are working instead of going to school. The main problem here is water scarcity. There are some infrastructure issues in certain pockets, which need immediate attention.

Why can’t a fresher come into politics? People have appreciated the fact that a youngster has been given a seat. Today, nepotism and dynasty politics is the greatest evil. This has to end. If this continues, no educated person will be given a chance to get into politics.

People should vote for someone who is accessible and not someone who comes to the constituency only during elections. If elected, I will bring more transparency and professionalism into the system. Bringing in more investments that will generate jobs will be my top priority. I will also look at solutions for managing the water crisis. Tamil Nadu has tremendous potential in tourism and I will create more jobs in this sector.

What he was trying to say is that money should not be the only criterion to get seats. If you look closely, people who have got DMK tickets are sons and daughters of their senior politicians and that’s what we are trying to point out. And, as for my wealth, I have worked hard for the last 18 years without a break.

They [BJP] will support us. Today, minorities are highly educated and they will look at the candidate this time, not religion/caste or any other factor.

People don’t want a corrupt person so this time they will think and vote.

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