Unauthorised parking hinders movement of pedestrians

In the absence of a regular footpath, the margins of Venkat Narayana Road serve as a footpath. But, unauthorised parking of vehicles eat into the carraiageway on Venkat Narayana Road and so pedestrians end up walking bang in the middle of the carriageway.

Pedestrians say the Greater Chennai Corporation and Greater Chennai Traffic Police should take the necessary steps to ensure that the road is free of parked vehicles.

Near the intersection of Venkat Narayana Road and Dr. Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road, the road margins are misused as garage for autorickshaws and two-wheelers.

The intersection of Venkat Narayana Road with Burkit Road and Thanikachalam Road witnesses heavy traffic as there are many commercial establishments around.

Here, also two-wheelers and cars could be found parked on the road margins.

“It is quite difficult to walk on Venkat Narayana Road. The traffic police remains a mute spectator to the entire chaos. A similar situation prevails near the intersection of Venkat Narayana Road and Soundar Rajan Street,” says V. Giridhar, a resident of Neelakanta Mehtha Streeet.

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