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MTC Bus Route

When Hariharan Balu first created this app, he was doing it for himself. He had only his personal use in mind. He however went on to launch it in 2011. Today, going by the number of people using the app, he took a great decision.

Offering information on bus routes, timings and names of stops, it seems to be a go-to app for many commuters.

It has more than one thousand users on Google Playstore. It can provide valuable information and guidance, even when the user is offline. Information in this app — MTC Bus Route — was last updated a week ago, and this is the 20th update.

“I submitted the app as my final-year and placement project. Later, I started sharing it on WhatsApp with my friends and on Playstore for the public to use it,” he says.

The route of a particular bus is illustrated on a map. There are also other options like places of interest and important stages that can be checked on a particular route. Hariharan says the information fed into the application was sourced by filing multiple RTIs. “Accessing data is the toughest part. As MTC does not maintain a centralised data management system, I depend on my users as well as media reports while updating the app. Due to this, I always have to verify information twice,” he saysFor people new to the city, an option called ‘Route’ lists out bus routes if the start and end points are given. “This option is a unique feature of the app,” says Hariharan.


Local train timetable

Delayed train services promoted this individual to start an app. The developer, who wanted to be anonymous, has an IT and accountancy background. The app has information about train timings, both for suburban and MRTS trains.

Information for this app is mostly obtained from the timetables published by Southern Railway on their website. The downside to this is that developers aren’t intimated about timetable changes by the Railway, and are therefore dependent on user feedback.

The feature that makes the app popular among users is the provision to search for trains (between two stations) that are starting in the next two hours. This often helps commuters plan their journey before leaving home or office.

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