Plea to relocate fish vendors

Motorists taking the road from Haridasapuram Main Road to Thiru.Vi.Ka Nagar Main Road have appealed to the authorities concerned that fish vendors operating on the stretch be relocated.

These fish vendors, present in large numbers, occupy a major portion of the road, making it difficult for motorists to navigate the stretch, especially during weekends and on national holidays, when road becomes extremely narrow due to haphazard parking of vehicles by buyers of fish.

During rush hour, these vendors encroach upon both sides of the road. This road provides easy access to Chitlapakkam and Tambaram Sanatorium.

Motorists complain that the authorities of Pallavapuram Municipality and Chennai Traffic Police are aware of the traffic bottlenecks on the stretch. “Buyers at this makeshift market park their vehicles in a haphazard manner, hindering free flow of traffic. Several complaints to the municipality officials and police personnel have gone in vain,” says M. Ravi, a motorist.

These vendors throw rotten fish on the road. They cite absence of bins as reason for this. A foul smell permeates the air and one can feel the stench while passing through the stretch.

Stray dogs and cattle, crows and cats rummage through the wastes, scattering them all over the road. This gets worse when it rains. The entire stretch is an eyesore and acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“If prompt steps are not taken by the authorities, many residents are likely to soon become victims vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya,” says K. Krishna, a resident.

A Pallavapuram Municipality official has promised to do the needful.

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