Pearl jam

“Doesn’t this look like a cute baby elephant walking?” asks Minnie Menon excited, pointing at a necklace made of baroque pearls. These pearls play a stellar role in her new capsule collection Song of the Pearl that’s launching at the Hyatt Regency this evening.

She stumbled upon them in Thailand and says it was love at first sight. Floored by their free flowing, meandering look, she knew pearls would be the highlight of her upcoming collection.

Menon says she had to make another trip, heading into the interiors of Thailand to source them. The reason she frequents Thailand is because she says their artistic sensibilities are unmatched.

The socialite and jewellery designer says pearls stand for success, love and happiness. “Its Lady Diana’s 20th death anniversary this year and she made the pearl choker a classic,” she says, adding, “I believe a pearl is becoming a woman’s best friend. When you wear it, your spirit soars.”

The collection has 45 pearl pieces (in ethereal white and blush pink) and 45 in other coloured gem stones. It comprises rings, earrings, neckpieces…and her obsession with pendants continues. “You’ll find them in oval malachite, red onyx, triangular turquoise… all swirling gaily on the pearls,” she says.

It took Menon less than two months to complete the line. The last three weeks have been hectic; “all work and no play,” she sighs. But then she’s got those precious white beads to keep her calm. “They bring in a certain harmony. Also, a string of pearl really ups your outfit,” she declares.

Menon’s unusual designs stand out. She says when a woman wears a baroque earring, she flaunts her ears like a proud peahen; and when she wears a ring she does an elegant mudra.

When most designers are showcasing bright festive lines for this season of revelry, Menon’s range is relatively subtle. One doesn’t normally do pearls just before Deepavali, because it is all about a riot of colours.

“I dared to be different,” she says nonchalantly. Describing one of her latest creations — an elegant necklace with a dramatically large pendant she says, “My name is Minnie but I wanted to try something maxi this time. Its not a Minnie Menon style but sometimes you need a design to have a dramatic edge.”

(Song of the Pearl will be on display at Mehta Jewellery, CP Ramaswamy Road, from September 22 to 25.)

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