NIB arrests two for selling drugs in star hotel in Egmore

Sleuths of the Narcotics Intelligence Bureau (NIB) arrested two youngsters who were found selling banned MDMA and LSD drugs in a bar attached to a star hotel in Egmore on Saturday evening. The police are planning to hold a meeting with hotel owners to warn them of strict action if such illegal sales are encouraged on their hotel premises.

According to sources, the NIB officers received information that drugs were being sold by a few persons inside bars attached to star hotels, especially on weekends when they are crowded. The officers found that the drug peddlers were present in a star hotel in Egmore on Saturday evening.

Based on instructions from senior NIB officers, a special team, comprising DSP D. Purushtonam, inspector Selvin and sub-inspector Karthik, was formed.

“Karthik was made the decoy. In plainclothes, he went into the bar and struck a conversation with customers there and casually asked about the drugs,” said a police source.

Seeing his interest, two youngsters approached him and offered to sell the contraband. When the two were trying to sell him the drugs, the NIB team nabbed them and took them for inquiry. They were identified as Raja Anand, 27, and Hariharan, 28. A total of 10 MDMA tablets and two LSD stamps, worth close to ₹1 lakh, were seized from them. They targetted customers at bars and night clubs in the city,” added the source.

The drugs were procured from Goa.

Ganja seized

Meanwhile, five persons were nabbed in different parts of the city for selling ganja. A total of 3 kg of ganja contraband was seized.

All five have been remanded in judicial custody.

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