Hi-tech cameras to watch over Telephone Exchange junction

The eyes of high-resolution CCTV cameras will now be trained on vehicles navigating the Ambattur Telephone Exchange junction. It is a central point in a network of roads that include CTH High Road and Third Main Road in Ambattur Industrial Estate. Recently, steel poles and concrete base were set up by traffic police to start the work. Once the cameras are up, the Telephone Exchange junction will be the first intersection in the region to get a surveillance system mainly on account of the movement of goods-laden lorries, MTC buses and motorcyclists.

At present, traffic is regulated at the junction from a makeshift traffic booth by a two-member traffic-constable team. Goods-laden lorries use the junction to get to industrial units in Ambattur, Pattaravakkam, Korattur, Mannurpet, Athipet and Ayyapakkam.

“Unlike other intersections on CTH Road, the Telephone Exchange junction is used by a number of vehicles. With the help of CCTV footage, accidents and traffic violations can be studied better and remedial measures taken,” said a beat traffic policeman.

The cameras which will work round-the-clock has features such as night vision to capture images even in dim lighting. They will capture images up to a distance of around 500 metres. A traffic police booth will also be set up so that traffic police personnel can view the CCTV footage from there.

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