Fix ticketing issues, say Metro Rail commuters

Commuters taking Metro Rail find purchasing tickets at stations an arduous task sometimes.

While some ticket vending machines (TVMs) are faulty, others keep rejecting currency notes, irking passengers.

Commuters say when they go to the counter to avoid wasting time at TVMs, the staff insist that payment be made only through debit or credit cards. Raghav K., who takes the Metro frequently, said: “How I pay to recharge my smartcard should be my decision. They cannot force passengers to make cashless transactions.”


The issue with purchasing tickets from TVMs is that it is time consuming and the machines do not accept many of the new notes, even years after demonetisation, said a passenger.

Vishnu Srinivasan, another passenger, said: “Not just the new notes, the machines don’t even accept some old notes. It is very frustrating when you have to spend so much time to just purchase a ticket, trying one note after another. Passengers are fine with using these machines if they all work well and the process is not as time consuming. They shouldn’t punish us and force us to use it.”

CMRL officials said they were trying to fix the issue in TVMs.

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