Fishermen net little profit, thanks to high diesel price

Sunday was special for the city’s fishermen as they returned to the sea after a 61-day-long ban on mechanised boats entering the waters. But the catch was not great, and the profit too was not much due to high diesel prices.

The boats spent two to three days at sea and returned early on Sunday morning. Fishermen brought back kadama, Sankara, prawns, cuttlefish and even some octopus.

“Though I spent quite a bit on diesel, I could not sell the fish at high rates since buyers were not interested in spending so much. My boat owner just about managed to get back most of what he spent on the trip,” said Desappan, a fisherman.

Oil spill effect

Many boat owners expressed similar views. “Some fishing grounds frequented by fishermen did not have fish and in some spots, nets got caught and were damaged. The oil spill has done more damage than expected. Oil has formed a layer on the seabed on many stretches where there is absolutely no fish,” said Nanjil Ravi of Akila Indhiya Meenavar Sangam.

Now, the wait is for bigger boats that have gone on long trips. Fishermen said that in some places down south, the catch was affected as traditional craft, to which ban does not apply, netted all the young fish.

“For instance, if a boat owner had spent ₹50,000 on diesel, the boat returned with a catch of less than ₹10,000, which is a loss. Smaller boats too should not be allowed to fish during the ban,” said Vinod, a fisherman.

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