Ennore bus terminus in a shambles

The bus terminus at Ennore is sprawling, but lacks basic amenities and is therefore, of little help to commuters.

This key facility in North Chennai lacks seating and drinking-water facilities, washrooms and dustbins.

The surface of the carriageway has worn out completely. At a few points, there have been attempts to cover the potholes with temporary patchwork, but this has only ended up making the dust problem worse Women and senior-citizens find it difficult to walk and alight from the buses.

The terminus does not have washrooms for the MTC staff. The area abutting the bus bays is used as a toilet. M. Natarajan, a commuter, says, “This terminus looks as if it has not been swept for days.”

L. Priya, another commuter, says, “As there are no toilets, the corners stink.”

It is a common sight to see commuters squatting on the terminus, while waiting for their destination route numbers.

An MTC official assured the needful would be done after the elections.

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