Enfield workers resume work

Workers at the Royal Enfield plant reported to work on Sunday, after ending their strike.

However, the management asked them to leave their mobile phones with security personnel before entering the workplace, which became a new friction point.

A section of workers was on strike since September 24 and called it off at the behest of the Joint Labour Commissioner in Chennai. The management had told the workers to report for duty from Sunday. “About 650 permanent workers reported for duty. Earlier, they used to allow mobile phones on the work floor,” said R. Sampath, vice-president, Royal Enfield Employees Union, which is part of the Working People Trade Union Council.

He said workers were reluctant to hand over their phones since personal data was involved.

Earlier, the company had issued a notice that employees would be allowed to resume work based on commitment to consistently support plant operations without creating any disruption in future.

Salary deduction

“There will be a deduction of salary for those employees who participated in the illegal strike in this month’s salary as per law. Any matter pertaining to our employees will only be discussed with the Royal Enfield Collaboration Forum, which is recognised and democratically elected,” the notice had said.

Meanwhile, PMK founder Ramadoss urged the State government to intervene in the ongoing labour issues in Royal Enfield, Yamaha and other units. “The government is offering incentives to these firms from taxpayer money and they are acting against the interests of workers.

The government should call the management and workers for talks immediately and resolve the issue by fulfilling the demands of workers,” he said in a statement.

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