A ‘healthy’ bouquet

The Horticulture department in Tamil Nadu has come out with a novel idea of making bouquets useful.

On Friday, they presented bouquets of green vegetables, instead of shawls or mementos, to the dignitaries at the Indian Food Processing and Food Technology Fair.

“Instead of giving shawls you can present bouquets of green vegetables. It will encourage farmers to grow more greens and people to eat more healthy green vegetables,” said Gagandeep Singh Bedi, secretary of the Agriculture Department.

A few days ago while attending a function with the former Director-General of Police T.K. Rajendran, Mr. Bedi received a bouquet of green vegetables and he decided to implement the concept.

“Actually, we first started with the idea of presenting vegetable baskets. It is a cheaper alternative to traditional bouquets of flowers and fruits. Then I came across the bouquets of green vegetables which I found as a good idea,” he said.

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