Wonder Woman suits adult in glitzy picture from Wonder Woman 1984

Last week, we got a fun demeanour during Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor dressed like he stepped onto a set of Fast Times and Ridgemont High. Now, we have a initial picture of Diana Prince wearing her adorned armor.

Compared to her outfit from Wonder Woman, that took place during World War I, not most has changed. She still has a bracelet over her bicep and a golden headband. There’s a really stately heat to her outfit overall, giving Wonder Woman an illusory appearance.

She looks only as prestigious and badass she did in her initial solo outing, that continues to be a best film in a DC Expanded Universe. Because a Wonder Woman supplement takes place in 1984, we figured her her dress would have been desirous a bit by ’80s fashion, yet that doesn’t seem to be a case.

Filming for Wonder Woman 1984 is now underway, that means we should start saying some-more images out of a prolongation over a entrance months. In fact, set footage is already starting to leak out, giving us a demeanour during Wonder Woman springing into action.

Not most is famous about a supplement during this point, yet we do know that Kristin Wiig will play Cheetah, a primary criminal of a film. Wonder Woman 1984 is now scheduled for a recover on Nov 1, 2019.

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