We Played Fortnite Beta on Android and Here’s How It Went

Announced during a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch event, a Fortnite Android beta is now live for name Samsung inclination such as a Galaxy S8, Note 8, and even a Galaxy S7. We were advantageous adequate to register and accept a Fortnite Android beta entice and checked out a diversion on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Our time with a Fortnite Android beta was eventful to contend a least. Here’s what we need to know.

On receiving a invite, we were redirected to a web page that asked if we wanted to download a Fortnite Installer from possibly Epic Games’ possess site or Samsung’s storefront. Choosing a former prompts we to concede a Fortnite Installer to download around your browser, while a latter redirects we to a Samsung Galaxy Apps store. After permitting a device to implement apps from non-Google accurate sources, we were on a way. The Fortnite Installer download was around 4MB and drumming it left us with 1.88GB download distance for a Fortnite Android beta itself.

After a Fortnite Android beta download and a brief set up, we tinkered with a game’s settings. The diversion has 4 graphics options – Low, Medium, High, and Epic. A fifth choice allows we to let a diversion automatically name a best preset.

With reports suggesting that Fortnite Mobile for Android would not be too kind to any smartphone that wasn’t on a draining corner in terms of specifications, it wasn’t startling that a High and Epic settings were untouched for us even on a high-end Galaxy Note 8, forcing us to opt for a game’s Medium settings. Although when we cruise a iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus authorised us to play Fortnite during Epic preset, it was unsatisfactory that a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t afforded this oppulance given that it fits in a identical cost bracket.


In a time with Fortnite for Android, a touchscreen controls didn’t feel as manageable as they should have been, creation sharpened and jumping some-more unpleasant than they should have been. This was compounded with occasional instances of loiter and stutter. Due to a Fortnite Android beta’s online inlet and high device requirements, it’s tough to pinpoint a accurate reasons for this. Dropping from Medium to Low didn’t assistance matters either, only done a diversion demeanour worse yet smoother performance. Furthermore, a Galaxy Note 8 got flattering warm. The whole knowledge felt suboptimal.

Digging by a Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s settings however, offering us some additional flexibility. Toggling a smartphone’s fortitude from a local 2960×1440 to a 2220×1080 resulted in somewhat improved opening with a nearby immaterial strike in visible peculiarity when regulating a Medium preset. Enabling a Samsung Game Launcher authorised us to overrule a game’s preset to force settings for limit performance. This was some-more beguiling knowledge interjection to a fast support rate, vouchsafing us line adult a shots and take in a sights of Tomato Town and sensuous leaflet of Wailing Woods yet carrying to review to a Low preset. Oh, and a Note 8 didn’t get too prohibited either.

We afterwards forsaken a Note 8’s arrangement serve down to 1480×720, and while it did make for a improved experience, a diversion looked significantly blurrier on a smartphone’s 6.3-inch display, creation a choice of regulating a fortitude of 2220×1080 with a Samsung Game Launcher and a Fortnite Android beta in-game settings sealed to Medium for a best experience.


Considering that this is still in beta and is theme to some-more updates and fixes, Fortnite Android could see solid improvements over time, most like a iOS and Switch versions did post-launch.

Right now though, a kitchen penetrate proceed to underline set of a Galaxy array is a ideal fit for a diversion that evolves with each update. You competence not have to go by a hoops like we did to get a best out Fortnite, yet if we have to, it’s always accessible to be means to change your fortitude or force settings for improved opening on a fly.

One competence disagree that this is counter-intuitive to how mobile games are ostensible to be and adds a turn of complexity that creates PC gaming so unappealing to many. And that’s not wrong. That said, if you’re sideloading Fortnite on your Android device, you’re substantially right during home with tweaking your settings to get a best out of your games and apps.

If you’re already personification it on a PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, or iOS, during this juncture, Fortnite on Android is not yet promise. Unless you’re peaceful to puncture into your phone’s settings though, we’d suggest watchful until Epic optimises it further.

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